Golf Tips for Beginners

Enrique Martínez Luque February 02 2023

If a sport can be labeled as 'the game of gentlemen,' it is golf, without a doubt. The prestige and the class of the game are depicted in golf players all around the globe. But how can you master that class when you are just a beginner in this game? We are going to discuss exactly that today.

Your path to becoming a golf master

In ancient times, a famous saying was, 'All roads lead to Rome.' The city of Rome was the embodiment of greatness even centuries back in human history. The phrase is the perfect way to elaborate on what your path to becoming a golf master will look like in the future.

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No matter your path, you will reach the point of greatness. But some may reach the goal way earlier than the rest. The only differentiator on the road to success will be whether or not you keep on moving no matter what obstacles you may face in this regard.

Here is a points-based breakdown of all the things that will make you a master of golf if you are starting today as a beginner.


The key to achieving greatness will always be incomplete without adding the base of consistency. No matter the odds, no matter how many times you fail, consistency is what makes a player great.

Every day, coming out on the field and executing golf shots at the right club angle and swing force without ever making disappointing mistakes makes a golf player great. The same level of consistency you need to develop as a beginner golf player.

Proper technique

From orthodox to more self-designed golf techniques, there is a list of golf techniques you can learn and master as a beginner-level golf player. But again, there is only one way to reach a fruitful point with this mastery.

Select a technique that you think is the right for you, and you can master it in the long run. Once you do that, practice that technique for the rest of your golf career. Better to be the master of one technique than to be a jack of all trades.

Calculated progress assessment

No point in making so much effort to master a game when you cannot track down whether or not you are making some progress. To be very sure of the results, it is important to track the progress through calculated progress assessment tactics.

Make a plan or mark a hole throughout the golf course that you want to target in a certain number of swings. Now at the end of each day, compare the result you were expecting and the result you were able to successfully produce at the end of the day. This is a calculated progress assessment. 

Mastering a setup position

Time to focus on the gameplay once again. The setup position in golf is the position at which you will set up the ball to make an impactful hit. If the setup isn't accurate or in favor of you, there is no way you will be able to make an impactful hit no matter how hard you practice.

The ball must be set up at a point where it is within reach of the golfer so that the golfer can make a hit in time and then get back into a neutral position.

Mastering a great swing

Once you have mastered the setup position, the next step is to master the swing and the force you will be putting in the swing to make an impactful shot. The swing is all that determines if the ball will hit a bullseye or the shot will be a fat or thin one.

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The real thing to focus on to attain a great grip is to hit the ball at the exact equator line with the front face of the club. If you won't able to do that, the ball won't travel in a straight direction and won't even have the force to travel a certain distance as well.

Develop competitive skills

No good and greatness will ever come from following a laid-back approach and spending years focusing on your golf skills to just retire after your prime. That's not what fierce competition is all about.

In order to make it to the ranks of the greats, you need to take risks. The kind of risks that involve the pursuit of a goal that is far greater than you can ever imagine. That’s what the true spirit of the game is all about.

Goal-oriented practice

Practice makes a man perfect. No doubt about that, but in the case of golf, you need to make slight changes in all of this. The practice must be goal oriented and the kind of which that allows you to become focused on a particular goal. Reaching the point of greatness.

But how can such practice even be carried out? Like you are just a beginner-level golfer who doesn't know much about dedication and only knows that he/she wants to become a master golf player. Now, this is something that you need to figure out for yourself.

Revaluate your game

In the end, after going through all of the above-mentioned steps, the only thing to do is to reevaluate your game to see if there are any positive changes emerging in your technique and game conduct. If yes, stick to the plan and keep on practicing to become a great golf player one day. This is the right path.

If not, then no need to let your spirit loose. In the end, all the roads will eventually lead to Rome. You will get there with dedication, practice, and a will to master your golf skills over time, coming a long way from where you started.

Final Note

As a beginner-level golf player, your head will be filled with all sorts of doubts and wrong beliefs. Calm down, and there isn't much you need to learn and master when it comes to improving your golf gameplay over time. The only thing you can do is to focus on the smaller steps, which will add up to bring massive positive level changes in your golf gameplay.

Enrique Martínez Luque

Enrique Martínez Luque is the Argentina-based golf expert and professional writer. He built his career in the world of golf taking a number of positions. Enrique was the manager of a golf club, director at a federation level, an agent for professional golfers and director institutional relations on the Argentinian Tour. Assissted the professional golfers on major tours for almost 20 years. Worked as the press officer of national and international golf tournaments.

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