How to clean golf grips

VD February 02 2022

It is imperative to take care of your golf equipment. And this applies to everything that is part of your bag: the bag itself, the clubs and their different parts (head, shaft and grip) and other elements of the equipment, such as the umbrella.

A complete new good and complete golf set can cost around $1,500. And if you take good care of it, it can last for many years. In addition, maintenance is not only about possible resale prices in the future. The better you care for them, the more likely we will play better.

That said, we are going to focus on the grips. A grip can indeed cost around 10 dollars. But when we multiply it by the number of clubs we have in the bag and add the payment to a specialist in placing them, the total amount can reach 200 dollars.

When we finish playing golf, we are often more concerned with the beer that we are going to drink on the 19th hole than with cleaning the clubs. And it is a great truth. Then you go back to your houses with the dirty clubs, and that's how you find them when we play again. For now, we insist that you have to take care of them and especially the grips, always forgotten when cleaning the clubs.

For a good grip, we have to take care of it. It is possible that some people have more than one set of clubs and only use the others when they are playing in a competition or practice with other golfers. Then there are those who take all their clubs, whether they are drivers or putters, for each round.

If you are one of those who usually take all the clubs, then you need to know how to clean golf grips. In this article, we will tell you how to do it with a little practice and effort.

Here are some tips that will be very useful on how to clean golf grips.

Use hot soapy water to clean grips

One of the most used ways to clean golf grips is with soap and water. How is it done? First, a bucket is filled with water, then soap is added and stirred a bit until foam is generated. Then you add the clubs by inserting the grips until they are entirely covered with water and soap. We suggest cleaning in a place like the garage of your house and not in the kitchen.

Important: you have to take into account the quality of the grips. Many are not that good and can be damaged by too much soap.

After wetting them for 10/15 minutes, you remove them, and with a brush, you clean them one by one. Then, with a towel, you dry them and put them against the wall, with the head of the club up, so that the excess water is removed.

It is necessary to wait until they are completely dry before putting them back in the golf bag to prevent a slight humidity from generating a fungus on its surface.

Once they are dry, you can add a good quality moisturizing cream. If the grips are in very bad shape, it is possible to use a lubricant that will help remove some of the dirt accumulated over time.

In this way, you will know how to clean golf grips and restore them in a few minutes. You do not need much effort to carry out this task.

Special towels to clean grips

Everything is invented, but the secret is knowing how to find it. A great way to clean golf grips is with some special towels. They are perfect for removing dirt and other dirt from your grips. They are available at any online golf shop or pro-shop and come in packs of 15 towels. There are several brands and different manufacturers of grips that offer them. And the best: with a single towel, you can clean the 14 clubs in the bag.

Each wipe has a cleaning formula infused into disposable cotton cloths. It is worth noting that they do not have ingredients such as aloe, oil, glycerin, alcohol or the like.

Its use is very simple. You wet it with warm water, then with one or more wipes, you rub the grips until they are clean.

With the towels, you will get rid of the dirt that has penetrated into the fabric of the grip. They are versatile and remove any marker on your clubs. If some golfer can not stand having dirty grips, this is the best option to have perfectly clean grips.

The towels can be used not only to clean but also to maintain them because they prevent the accumulation of dirt and other elements.

If you use these towels, we guarantee that your golf equipment will look new again and your friends will be envious of how clean you keep your clubs.

Use isopropyl alcohol or acetone to clean golf grips

Another trick to know how to clean golf grips is using isopropyl alcohol or acetone, which are two solvents that can be purchased in any pharmacy. The procedure for this solution is similar to the previous one, but then you will use a cotton ball to rub the grip until it is clean, as shown in the images.

The acetone and alcohol remove dirt from the golf grips easily. They also disinfect them if they have been used with another golfer before you. Remember not to use too much of this solvent because it can affect the quality of the grip and reduce the number of times you can use it.

Then, let the grips dry and lubricate them with moisturizing cream or with a penetrating oil.

When to clean golf grips?

If you want to know how to clean golf grips, it is advisable that you perform this task after each use, so they always have a perfect appearance. Dirty and wet grips are more difficult to hold and lose their properties over time.

In addition, when you do not follow this hygiene routine, the dirt can accumulate inside the fibers of the grip and scratches can appear on your clubs.

To clean them, you only have to follow the instructions given above. The process is very simple, quick and easy-to-do.

How often should golf grips be cleaned?

This question is difficult to answer. Everything will depend on the quality of the grips and the use you give to your golf clubs. There are golfers whose hands sweat a lot, making the grips get dirty more quickly.

In addition, it has a lot to do with where you live. If you live in a place with high humidity, the grips of your clubs will get dirty more easily.

Sweating is the enemy of grips and golf gloves. And we know it. For now, it is always good to dry your hands before each golf shot. And not just for taking care of the grips, especially doing it to improve the club's grip.

Another fact that cannot be ignored is the colour of the grips. As most of them are dark, they hide dirt, and it cannot always be seen with the naked eye.

If this dirt accumulates, then the yellowish or brownish colour will dominate and that is not good. If you want to know how to keep your golf clubs in perfect condition, here are a few tips:

  • Clean them before and after each use. In addition to eliminating unwanted elements, it can also lengthen the life of your grips;
  • Always carry a suitable tool to clean your grips, such as water and soap with neutral PH (detergents), acetone or isopropyl alcohol (solvents);
  • If you can, try not to use dirty golf balls;
  • Let the grips dry before putting them back on your club;
  • Do not use oil or any type of cream excessively, this can damage your grips;
  • If you go to the golf club to practice, do not leave your clubs in the car trunk. This is an unventilated space where humidity accumulates very easily. Your grips may not withstand this abuse;
  • Some golfers think that it is always good to clean the clubs after every game. But, there are people who believe it is better to wait a few games before attending to them because humidity accumulated during these hours can be very harmful.

This last advice applies mainly to those who live in humid regions.

Products that make grips look like new

There are other ways to clean the grips of your golf clubs. On Amazon, you will find many products with different levels of success. The important thing is that your choice satisfies you and does not damage the grips of your clubs.

Simply put: you can use any product designed for your equipment. For example, you could use a cleaning solution and a brush to clean the grips or cream and cloths to moisturize them.

Remember that most of these products do not need water and therefore they are very practical when traveling.

The only problem is that no one has developed a product that can be used to clean and moisturize at the same time.

We leave you with this thought: if you want your grips in perfect condition, always keep them clean and dry. Finish by applying sealant and/or cream, let it dry and then replace the grips of your clubs on the handles. You will notice the difference.

Sand the grips

Many players use the sandpaper after cleaning their grips. The surface of the grip recovers its porosity, which facilitates the grip. Keep in mind to use sandpaper that does not damage the surface of the grip, something that often happens if you put a lot of force into cleaning.

Many professionals use the latest technique. They hit hundreds of balls daily (between practice at the driving range and playing on the course) and need their grips to not lose their grip.

It is worth remembering that grips last less for professionals and change them regularly, much longer than amateurs.

Do waterproof golf grips still need to be cleaned?

If they are not maintained regularly then the dirt that accumulates in them can damage their appearance and also affect their grip. So it is necessary to maintain them regularly so that if they are damaged by dirt, they can be put back on track for better performance.

Handle your clubs properly to keep them clean and in good condition for a long time. That's the best way you have to improve your game, right?

In order to maintain your grips always clean from dirt and dust they should be cleaned regularly, especially when they are dirty.

This way they will always look new and you will have a good grip in your hands which ultimately leads to more control over the ball.

Sometimes you can see using golf gloves when playing golf can be pretty beneficial which also contributes to a good grip of the club in the hands.

They should be cleaned properly and after each use. This will help to improve golfing experience and let you enjoy the game more than ever before.


It is indispensable to keep your golf equipment in good condition. Golf is a sport that requires a lot of precision, and you cannot give yourself an advantage in anything. Therefore, we recommend maintaining your equipment always clean. A clean grip with good grip added to the fact that the face of the club is also clean and without dirt or sand in its grooves, which will take you closer to a better shot than if it were the other way around. Plus, it adds to the confidence you'll feel every time you pick up a club to make a shot.

The most important thing is that you choose the products you need from the ones available, according to your needs and tastes. Once you do this, keeping your equipment clean is easier than ever before.