How to Hit a 3 Wood

Enrique Martínez Luque April 04 2021

Mastering the game with the 3 wood is essential for all players. For beginners and over 50s, it means the possibility of reaching the green in the long par 3s with their ball. For medium handicap amateurs, the chance to hit par 5. For more experienced golfers, the option to save the drive, using a 3 wood to secure the fairways during their round of golf.

Whatever the circumstance, knowing how to hit a 3 wood well allows us to avoid using long irons, which are more challenging to use than short irons.

The most common mistake we find in amateurs is finding it difficult to hit consistent shots with their woods. In this article, we will teach you some tips that will help you make a better decision and use the woods with a good swing and at the right time.

The importance of knowing how to use a 3 wood

Let's get to the point: the most important thing is trust. If you are going to use a 3 wood to hit your ball, you have to hit the ball with the same security you have to hit with your driver. If you don't do it with confidence, the results can be devastating. Therefore, it is essential to know what you only want to do: the distance, the objective, what obstacles you want to avoid, and thus hit the ball with confidence.

3 Wood is even a secret weapon for many professionals. We've seen Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Rory McIlroy, and Jordan Spieth call on their 3 wood in special moments. It is probably the least used club by European Tour and PGA Tour professionals in a golf round. But it is clear that if they use it, it is to achieve a great result in a golf round.

When it comes to the second shot in a par 5, the use of a 3 wood is key to reaching the green in two shots with your ball or at least being close enough to have a chance to enter the green in 3 shots and then shoot for a birdie.

How to Hit Fairways Woods Consistently

If hitting your ball with a 3 wood from the fairway is a problem, the important thing is to start with some basic adjustments that will allow you to improve your performance.

Adjust your setup

The main thing is to adjust our setup before hitting the ball. The previous routine to hit it with a 3 wood is essential. If we don't, we are very likely to make mistakes. To hit the ball net, we need to have the perfect posture. We do this by spreading our legs in the stance and turning wide when swinging. If we keep our legs closed, it will be challenging to complete the backswing, leading to a swing out of timing.

It is also vital to stand up straight and, at the beginning of the backswing, to have the left shoulder touch our jaw. This will allow you to make the widest possible turn. Also, distribute the weight evenly: 50/50 between the left and right legs. One of the typical mistakes of amateurs is to put more weight on the right leg, seeking to penetrate with more force at the moment of impact. What you need is confidence and be well balanced in the stance.

Finally, you have to feel your arms relaxed, making the club hang from them. If you hold onto the club with great force, pressing on the grip, the tension will cause a bad shot.

Having a firm grip but without pressure will allow you to better articulate each part of the swing. The important thing: feel relaxed and confident to hit the ball.

The ball position

The position of the ball is decisive when hitting with a 3 wood. The ideal location is at the height of the heel of our left shoe. In that position, the face of our club will enter perfectly.

How to Hit 3 Woods from the tee

Many times it happens to us that we are not hitting well with our driver. On those days, it is best to save it and take our 3 wood onto the course. Undoubtedly this will lead us to lose distance, but the important thing is to achieve net shots and hit more fairways. Indeed, many times it is about making intelligent decisions.

For now, what you have to do from the starting tee is to keep the ball low, hit from the center of the tee box, and make the adjustments mentioned in the previous paragraphs with the swing. It is essential to get the club slower than we do with the driver. We will be a little more eager to hit the ball hard from the tee, so rhythm will be essential.

How to hit a 3 wood like a professional

With all this information, you are now close to hitting your ball with a 3 wood like a pro. To take your golf to the next level, it will be important to consider these aspects:

1. Check your golf equipment.

Depending on the handicap you have, you will know how to choose the type of wood that will be most useful on the course. You can even consider using a hybrid instead of wood. It's all about feeling comfortable with each golf club.

2. Swing through the ball.

The classic mistake of amateurs is to take a lazy swing to hit the ball. That is why it is imperative to concentrate on reaching the top of the swing, to just attack the ball. And then, think that you have to hit beyond where the ball is. That, without a doubt, will facilitate the downswing and the finish of our shot.

3. Weight transfer.

Another mistake occurs with weight transfer. To avoid this, it is essential to start the swing in a balanced way, remembering to distribute the weight on the 50/50 feet.


Hopefully, these tips will help improve your shots with the woods. We know that it is quite a challenge, but the reward is very significant. Both for those who use a 3 wood from the starting tee and those who use it for a second shot. Mastering the game with this club will allow you to increase your chances of hitting under par and, why not, the occasional eagle in a round of golf with friends.

Enrique Martínez Luque

Enrique Martínez Luque is the Argentina-based golf expert and professional writer. He built his career in the world of golf taking a number of positions. Enrique was the manager of a golf club, director at a federation level, an agent for professional golfers and director institutional relations on the Argentinian Tour. Assissted the professional golfers on major tours for almost 20 years. Worked as the press officer of national and international golf tournaments.

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