Best 60-Degree Wedge: How to Choose?

VD February 02 2022

Becoming a professional golfer is not something you can achieve by taking a couple of lessons. You need the proper equipment and a lot of practice to get to a high level of mastery. The right equipment is essential for making the game easier, but what about wedges?

Considering the conditions of most 60-degree edges in modern golf bags, here is a list of 10 all-time best 60-degree wedges that you can opt for to raise your game.

What to consider when choosing a new wedge?

  • Length: Length is an essential part of the process. If you are an average-sized player, you should choose a standard length. If your arms are shorter or longer for your height, make sure to measure their length before buying anything.
  • Bevel: The bevel on a wedge determines how much of the blade's hitting area is visible above the ground. A standard bevel will have a high enough amount for most people to use comfortably.
  • Weight: The more weight there is in a wedge, the harder it becomes to swing. This has an effect on how far you hit the ball and whether or not you can manage with it while playing on mountainous courses or ones with a lot of wind.
  • Material: Steel is the most common material for wedges, but many golfers use milled wedges which are made from stainless steel and aluminum alloys that make them more durable and lightweight.
  • Price: A price range of $80 to $200 for a good wedge is reasonable. If you need something with more accuracy and feel, you can pay up to $500 or even above.

To help narrow down the list, we have chosen the best wedges available on the market as of now that will improve your game and make it more enjoyable. You can check out the list below and compare each wedge against another to find the one that best suits your swing.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2.0 wedge

If you are a golfer who’s looking for absolute precision in a wedge, the TaylorMade milled grind 2.0 is going to be more than enough for you. The wedge is known for creating exacting soles and exceptional performance ratios.

The integrated ZTP groove technology introduces the concept of steeper sidewalls and much sharper than average radii which maximize the course spin and control. 

The forged head comes with a standard hosel, which is perfect for hand-to-eye coordination. A great feature of these wedges is their grind options that let you choose between V grooves or U grooves, depending on how much spin you want.

Key Features

  • Mass placement introduction for a thick/thin head design.
  • The back cavity contains TPU for vibration damping.
  • SB ground with a median ground resistance.


The wedge has a very nice shape and a beveled sole. The milled-face design helps reduce the amount of spin, which is great for players who struggle with getting too much spin on their wedges.

The club is accompanied by eight different grind options that let you choose the right one depending on your own needs.


The price point for this wedge is on the high end, but it’s worth every penny.

Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges

You might be thinking that the name Vokey may sound familiar. Yes, the SM8 was designed by Bob Vokey and his team. With their customizations, the SM8 offers better distance control, along with shot and spin versatility. 

The center of gravity is also redesigned with a more progressive approach. This allows the SM8 to generate the most accuracy and forgiveness as a wedge.  The heads are also reduced in size for better turf interaction.

Key Features

  • Crafted by the master of the game himself.
  • An epitome of the Vokey wedge designs.
  • The progressive center of gravity ensures a more optimized spin.


These wedges are very reliable and durable. You can be sure to get long-term output even if you play on frequently maintained greens.

The design is very unique due to the CNC milled faces for a complete half of the wedge's surface. This provides better ball control while still maintaining its weight stability.


There are only six grinds.

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

It is practically impossible to finalize a list of all-time best 60-degree wedges without including Callaway in it. As one of the top global golf gear manufacturers, Callaway has put some real effort into designing and testing the Mack Daddy CB wedge.

The wedge has full soles on the lower lofts with accurate edge sharpness on every single groove. This offers a grip and spin that is way beyond the level of perfection. The wedge is also a result of long-term research, and it has a large cavity back with a wide sole.

Key Features

  • A more aggressive enhanced spin control than regular wedges.
  • Sole grinds that are user-friendly for almost anyone.
  • Exceptional shafts and grips quality.


The club has a lot of spin and control. Those who play at higher handicapped levels can definitely benefit from this wedge for their shot-shaping needs.

The quality and the price point are great, making it one of the most affordable wedges on the market right now. The grip and stock shafts are made of high-quality chrome-plated steel.


It’s a little better suited for those who play on soft and slow greens, as opposed to hard and fast ones.

Callaway MD5 Jaws Wedge

Another Callaway is making its way to the ten best 60-degree wedges list is MD5. The amazing part about the MD5 is that it was designed personally by Callaway's chief designer Roger Cleveland. He has been reported to be in charge of the striking finishes, versatility, and absolute one-of-a-kind spin features of the wedge. This level of attention to detail makes this wedge an undisputed champion among wedges. It is indeed one of the best wedges out there.

The MD5 wedge's T-grind and heads are made from cast 1020 carbon steel. It also has a satin finish for an unrivaled look and feel. The MOI is enhanced, and so is the sole area with a wider leading edge and polished chamfers. The wedge also offers an undercut cavity for more forgiveness on shots with less ball speed.

Key Features

  • Super innovative JAWS design with a much sharper edge radius than average.
  • Groove-in-Groove technology integration for more precision.
  • Premium heads included.


The design is pretty unique and looks great.

The wedge comes with sleek-looking satin finish and a wider sole edge for better turf interaction.


There is only one available bounce angle, as opposed to the two most common ones (45 and 50).

Wilson Staff Model Wedge

A wedge that has bagged more global positive reviews than any other wedge on the list is Wilson. If you are someone who needs a more confident game-compatible wedge, the Wilson Staff Model wedge will do the job perfectly. Plus, the quality of the wedge ensures that it is going to last a lifetime.

The most striking feature of the design is machine-engraved score lines. The lines are integrated directly in the precision-milled face. This gives the player an instant visual cue of where to aim for each shot. The teardrop shape is also great for a number of reasons. It allows the player to have better control over their shots, and it's especially good for those who struggle with shot shaping.

Key Features

  • Soft forged 8620 carbon steel build.
  • Advanced spin score lines with a precision milled face
  • Perfect for a variety of golfing levels


The deep teardrop design is great for players at any skill level. It looks well-balanced, and the shaft length options are plentiful.


Some golfers report that the bounce angle might be too high for their liking.

Ping Glide 3.0 Wedges

The Ping wedge is all about innovation. While designing the Ping Glide 3.0 wedge, the engineers decided that taking a grip-to-grind approach would be a better idea for this wedge. Surprisingly, the innovation paid off beyond the imagination of the engineers themselves.

The wedge comes with multiple sole grinds that allow the fitters to perfectly match the angles of the wedge. With this, the impact may seem soft but is super firm on delivery. The graphite shaft is adjustable and all the features make this club one of the most versatile wedges on the market.

Key Features

  • Custom turning port insert covers included.
  • Increased MOI and center of gravity.
  • The wheel groove is patented and has a sharper edge radius.


The unique design and color options look awesome. The black sole gives the player a superb grip.


There is no sand wedge available in this series. Since some golfers might need two sand wedges, it would be better to buy sand wedges separately.

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges

The CBX 2 was designed with only one motive. To generate a forgiveness level that no other wedge can generate in practical conditions. Thanks to the innovative minds of the engineers, the CBX 2 has been able to achieve this goal. 

If you are a player who prefers playing the cavity back irons, the CBX2 is going to provide you consistency and a tour-level spin with exceptional control. This is one of the most underrated wedges on the market.

Key Features

  • The wedge comes with three different sole grinds.
  • The design surrounds a hollow cavity with exceptional weight distribution.
  • Gel Back TPU for feel balancing technology.


The sole grinds are excellent, especially for the price. The wedge looks well-built and has a wide sweet spot.


The bounce angle might be too low for someone's liking.

COBRA King SB Wedge

The golf industry has known the wedge for its slick design and one-of-a-kind performance ratio. The King SB is an upgraded version of the global KING COBRA wedge sensation. Considering the number of amazing wedges the company has introduced over several years, the brand has a rich history.

The wedge is strikingly different from other wedges because of its SNAKEBITE groove design. This design is known for offering spin control like no other. The KING SB comes with a clean alignment and consistent performance.

Key Features

  • SNAKEBITE groove technology maximizes the spin with each shot.
  • Full face grooves offer a large surface area to impact.
  • Perfect around the greens.


The KING SB is a versatile wedge that can be used with any top configuration. The price tag might appear too daunting, but it's well worth it for all the features packed in this club!


There aren't many cons apart from the fact that some golfers might prefer a different color.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge

Cleveland is the wedge that revolutionized the wedge industry once and for all. After the RTX ZipCore wedge launch, there was nothing much left to do in the wedge design to make it perfect. This is also the reason behind the global popularity of the wedge.

With the UltiZip in action, the wedge is known for offering more spin, amazing control, and one-of-a-kind durability. The RTX ZipCore wedge is THE choice for players who love to work the ball more than anything else.

Key Features

  • UltiZip integration for increased spin
  • Heat treatment that ensures durability for a very long time
  • The best in industry sole grinds


The wedge offers maximum control, spin, and accuracy with every shot. This is probably the best wedge ever made in history.


The price tag is on the steeper side of things. But this wedge will last a lifetime if taken care of carefully.

Mizuno T20 wedge

In the end, we have got the slick and graceful Mizuno T20 wedge. With clear Japanese influence in its design, the Mizuno club is manufactured to perfection with a lengthy forging process. The process is the core reason behind the exceptional performance of the wedge in all kinds of terrains.

The carbon steel alone used to manufacture has been reported to increase the strength of the wedge by 30%. All credit goes to the design and manufacture technique that has been perfected in Hiroshima for more than 50 years.

Key Features

  • Includes hydro flow microgrooves.
  • CNC milled grooves up to perfection.
  • S400 premium wedge shaft integration.


The Mizuno T20 wedge features a beautifully crafted design. The clubheads are beautifully balanced, and the packaging is perfect for gifting someone special in your life.


None so far since it's not even available in stores yet.

Final Note

We hope this list of some of the all-time best 60-degrees wedges will help you choose the right wedge for your game style. Of course, basic wedges are included in almost all golf bags. But if you prefer quality over quantity and want to master golf as a sport, going with a premium wedge is a better option.