Best Callaway Driver: How to Make the Right Choice?

VD February 02 2022

Even today, Callaway is labeled as the ultimate golf club manufacturing brand cherished by golf players worldwide. Having a Callaway driver is a must for hobby and professional golfers. This brand is unique because it provides a full range of drivers for golf players who want to play the game in the most successful way possible.

For sure, Callaway has made many great innovations since its creation (e.g., Speed Regime Technology) and nowadays, they pay attention not only to compression balls but also to innovative materials that improve players’ performance (e.g., X Hot, Razr Fit).

As you probably know, golf drivers are available in many different sizes and with various designs. The most important thing when buying one is to choose the right head shape/design for your swing type. You cannot miss this detail because it can make or break your game. 

Our Best Callaway Driver Recommendations

What to consider when buying a Callaway driver?

Head shape

If your swing is slow, you have to look for a head that sends the ball forward faster. If it's fast, choose an aerodynamic design that will reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. This way, you'll hit longer drives with ease. Most high-quality clubs are labeled according to their characteristics, so they are easy to choose from.

Head size

You may need to consider the head size if you are tall or have long arms. However, it's essential for the squared-off shoulder line of your club to match your swing type (to learn more about golf clubs and how they work, read this article ). If your swing is powerful, you should choose a more heavy head. This way, it will help you produce more energy and send the ball further.

Shaft flex

This feature is very important for those who want to improve their golf swing and use an optimally performing driver (to learn about how clubheads work, read this article ). Flexible shafts are easier to control and offer the best performance.

Grip size

Grip size is another feature to examine before making a purchase because it affects club control and accuracy, both of which are critical for successful shots (to read more about how golf drivers work, check this article ). If you have small hands or prefer lightweight clubs, choose a smaller grip. Bigger hands and heavier clubs require bigger grips.

Head weight

Head weight is another parameter that must be carefully examined by those who want to increase their power and control (for more details, read this article ). Lighter drivers are easier to swing so beginners should choose this kind of club. However, they might not provide the cheapest performance, so advanced players should consider heavier heads.

Shaft material

Steel and graphite shafts are the best choices for drivers because they allow golfers to control their shots and produce good results (for more details, read this article ). However, steel is better for beginners, while advanced players should choose graphite instead.

The grip

This feature is necessary to improve your clubs' control and handling. A grip is a small but very important part of the driver, so don't underestimate it when choosing a good club (to read more about how golf clubs work, check this article ).


You should also consider the cost of the club you want to purchase because not all models are equally expensive. However, we recommend that you don't pay too much attention to price because it can't guarantee your satisfaction. The only thing the money is good for is paying for a better grip and more advanced technologies. 

Here are 10 Callaway drivers that you can choose from as the perfect addition to your golf kit.

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max LS Driver

If you are a handicapped player that falls under the mid to low range, the Epic Max LS Driver will be a perfect choice for you. The driver is known for providing more speed than regular drivers with a more neutral ball flight.

The MOI package is also significantly higher, which ensures forgiveness in a lower spin. Plus, the AI-embedded design can improve the driver's stability in long-range shots.

Key Features

  • Triaxial Carbon covers the majority portion of the crown.
  • The perfect weight distribution ratio.
  • Triaxial Carbon toe patch.


  • This driver can be used by mid to low-handicapped players.
  • A Higher MOI package ensures greater forgiveness in lower spin shots.
  • It is also very forgiving for higher handicapped players.


  • The head may feel large for smaller-handed golfers.
  • Its sound can be overly loud at times, which could be distracting to some golfers.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

The name already indicates the power Big Bertha holds in its crown. The Big Bertha is designed for golfers of all levels. If you want to get the perfect 'slice off the tea,' the B21 is a perfect choice.

Callaway introduced the B21 to upgrade the cutting-edge technology of the drivers. The B21 is also known for reducing the slice spin amount coming off the face.

Key Features

  • AI Flash face design that promotes a faster ball pace.
  • Jailbreak technology integrated.
  • Internal draw bias promotes straighter shots.


  • Offers more draw bias than other drivers on the market.
  • Perfect for beginners and regular players.


  • The driver comes at a slightly higher price range.
  • The club's sound can be very loud, which could be distracting to some golfers.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver

A Callaway driver was introduced with the sole initiative of accelerating the existing ball speed control and pacing driver technology. The Epic Speed Driver comes with an AI-supported Jailbreak Speed Frame for better ball speed control.

As a driver that promotes speed driving, the Epic Speed Driver comes with a specific Flash Face that optimizes and upgrades the Jailbreak Speed Frame in real time. This feature also stabilizes the horizontal and torsional directions.

Key Features

  • Triaxial Carbon covers increasing forgiveness.
  • Speed promoting driver's head.
  • Covers a more expansive area for fast ball speeds.


  • It is a great choice for regular players.
  • Jailbreak technology stabilizes ball speeds in horizontal and torsional directions.
  • The speed-promoting head design maximizes the impact area.


  • The driver may be too light for some golfers with higher handicaps.
  • Prone to mis-hits because of lightweight design.
  • Higher price range.

Callaway Epic Max Driver

Do you know what the one thing that made Callaway so popular among the global golf community is? According to experts, their knack for innovation introduced a whole new range of speed-enhancing drivers.

Like any other popular Callaway driver, the Epic Max uses technology to enhance the ball control and grip. The MOI ratio for this model is also higher than the rest of the drivers of this category, promoting Epic Max to the next level of golf drivers.

Key Features

  • Head-on-face optimized technology.
  • Strength titanium for promoting optimal speed.
  • Perfect for the center and off-center ball speed.


  • The driver offers perfect speed control.
  • Delivers a higher MOI ratio, promoting forgiveness on mis-hits.
  • Aerodynamic head shape to promote faster ball speeds.


  • It is a little overpriced for some golfers with lower handicaps.
  • Many customers reported that they experienced delivery delays while ordering the product online.

Callaway Rogue Sub-Zero Driver 

Rogue is the most advanced Callaway driver to exist. Among drivers, the Sub-Zero is known for creating a drive that far exceeds even the high-end drivers. The Jailbreak technology is already integrated with the driver as a Callaway driver.

Plus, as a member of the Rogue family of drivers, the Sub-Zero is perfect for players of all categories.

Key Features

  • GBB-specific Jailbreak technology.
  • X-Face VFT increases the thickness by over 100 points.
  • One-of-a-kind aerodynamic speed step technology.


  • The driver offers the highest MOI ratio, promoting forgiveness on mis-hits.
  • Speed step technology increases the aerodynamic efficiency of the club head design.
  • GBB (Greater Ballistic Box) provides a larger sweet spot for optimized ball speeds.


  • One of the most expensive Callaway driver models available today.
  • Prone to mis-hits because of the light design.
  • Higher price range.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

Another amazing addition in the Flash category of Callaway drivers is Epic Flash. The Epic Flash Sub Zero comes with a futuristic-looking driver design specific enough for intricate shots. At the same time, you can't use this driver for your regular shots.

Compared to other drivers, the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver is long. You can even fill this dissimilarity once the driver is in your hands. That's why the driver is super specific for various categories of golfers.

Key Features

  • The Epic Flash was molded by introducing it to more than 1000 thousand simulated impacts.
  • Callaway has put special attention to reducing the weight of the driver.
  • Redesigned and improved Jailbreak setup.


  • The design is lighter than other Callaway drivers; hence it is specific for regular golfers.
  • Decreased spin and increased launch in the Epic Flash Sub Zero model.
  • Better accuracy with features like Jailbreak faces technology.


  • One of the most expensive Callaway driver models available today.

Callaway Rogue Driver 

Callaway Rogue is another driver that is making its way to the list of some epic Callaway drivers. The Callaway Rogue Driver is an upgraded version of the already popular GBB Epic driver. But this time, Callaway decided that it was finally time to upgrade some technological aspects.

For instance, the Jailbreak was redesigned. Callaway also redesigned the already amazing aerodynamic design of the GBB driver to make it perfect for the Rogue Driver.

Key Features

  • The new Jailbreak technology improves the average ball speed.
  • X-Face ensures a much thicker middle portion.
  • The driver is a collaboration between Callaway and Boeing in terms of the aerodynamics design.


  • The driver has a very light design, which is perfect for regular golfers.
  • Aerodynamic shape increases the speed of the ball.
  • New lightweight, head-on-the-face technology enhances forgiveness on mis-hits.


  • One of the most expensive Callaway driver models available today.
  • Prone to mis-hits because of the light design.
  • Higher price range.

Callaway Epic Driver

This driver made Callaway so popular among golfers around the globe today. The Callaway Epic Driver is a player, category-specific driver. In other words, the players looking for more distance, forgiveness, and adjustability usually prefer the Callaway Epic Driver.

As a Callaway, the Jailbreak technology is already integrated within the driver, enhancing the ball speed over a more clubface area.

Key Features

  • The driver is known for providing greater distance coverage.
  • Recorded for performing 21 yards of shot correction with each swing.
  • Ensures a higher launch than regular drivers.


  • The driver is very accurate and long.
  • Comfortable design for regular golfers.


  • Prone to mis-hits because of the light design.
  • Higher price range.

Callaway XR Driver

XE driver introduced the concept of innovation in the Callaway community concerning modern technological trends. In 2015, the Callaway XR Driver was widely recognized as the ultimate driver.

It is one of the only drivers that offers a higher launch with a lightweight package. The swing enhancement technology is also super amazing.

Key Features

  • Comes with a speed step-down crown that helps the golfer reduce the drag
  • The driver comes with a variety of lofts.
  • OptiFit adjustability is integrated for selecting between a range of lofts.


  • The driver has a very light design, which is perfect for regular golfers.
  • Lower spin and increased carry distance with the Speed Step down crown technology.
  • Matching its name, lower dispersion rate.


  • Prone to mis-hits because of the light design.
  • Higher price range.

Callaway Epic Sub Zero Driver

The driver is a combination of all the amazing Callaway driver series ever to exist. The driver's name promotes the amazing ball control and flight handling features it encloses.

The Epic Sub Zero is a golfer-specific driver. The driver is often labeled as the perfect choice for mid-to-high handicap golfers in pursuit of more accuracy, forgiveness, and range.

Key Features

  • The driver is known for offering the maximum level of forgiveness
  • The upgraded Jailbreak technology offers more range of coverage
  • The weighting system included in the Epic Sub Zero can easily interchange between two drivers


  • Increased accuracy and forgiveness.
  • Highly accurate, long-distance driver.
  • The price point is affordable for an Epic driver.


  • Prone to mis-hits because of the light design.

With all the different drivers available today, the choice can be very daunting when choosing a new club or upgrading your current driver.

Here are some guidelines to make the right choice for your golf game:

  • Concentrate on the angle of your shot when choosing between a draw and fade type of driver.
  • Choose an adjustable head driver that suits your preferences or requirements.
  • If the distance is what you are searching for, then go for the XR Driver, Epic Driver, and XR Pro Driver as your best options.
  • Don't be tempted by expensive drivers since they aren't worth the price! Be sure to keep your needs in mind.
  • In case of a mis-hit with an XR or XR Pro Driver, you will lose most distance, so try to avoid those from the driver set.
  • For regular golfers, the Epic Sub Zero Driver might be a perfect option for you since it offers accuracy and forgiveness.
  • Driver reviews are important in helping you to make the right choice by knowing what others have experienced previously.

Final note

Callaway is a synonym of high class among the golfing community when it comes to manufacturing one-of-a-kind drivers. 

And with the current mindset of Callaway, the interaction between innovation and class is introducing some exceptional drivers that every single golfer appreciates. As a golfer, it will be better to go with one of these Callaway drivers for exceptional long-run performance.