How to Set Up the Perfect Address Position in Golf?

VD January 01 2022

In order to improve your golf setup and address position, make yourself familiar with the golf tips listed below. A swing always starts correctly with a good setup, i.e., inversely. Your swing will always be held back if your address position is incorrect. For starters, watch this video:

Where and How to Position the Ball at Address

The ball is supposed to be in front of the golfer, positioned between the feet. In the case of using a short iron, it usually is there in the middle. With bigger clubs, it should be there towards the front foot.

The ball should be placed in such a position where the sole of the club head touches the ground flatly. This technique allows the ball to be closer to the golfer with a short club and farther with a longer club.

The ball should be placed on the tee so that its equator aligns with the crown of the driver. The ball's position should be just off the ground when the golfer uses iron with the ball on the tee to achieve a perfect lie. For more visual help, consider these videos:

How Wide Should Your Stance Be in Your Setup

The position of a golfer's feet should be such that it is in coherence with the shot that they are playing. Longer clubs such as a driver require more distance between the golfer's feet. 

This is different from the setup while using shorter clubs such as a wedge or a short iron, in which case the distance between feet is comparatively lesser.

Foot flaring is something that depends upon the discretion of the golfer. Some golfers prefer to have their feet flared. At the same time, others find it more convenient to maintain a perpendicular stance to the target line. This video will be helpful:

Where Should You Align Your Feet at Address

Alignment is the imaginary line that a golfer's feet should be on in specific relation to the target line. The stance line should be parallel to the target line if they are aiming for straight shots.

A golfer's feet may appear aligned towards the target, a far way in the distance. But they should be pointing towards the left of the target by an amount of the distance between the feet & the ball. This means that the feet should not face the target straight while being parallel to the target line. They should be slightly off it. Watch this video:

How to Distribute Your Weight During the Setup

In an ideal address, the entire body weight should be equal on both feet, which would mean that half of your weight should be on the left foot and the other half on the right. 

Also, the pressure point of weight inside the foot should be in the middle of the foot. It means that it should not spread over towards the ankle or toes or sideways but remain in the center of the foot.

How to Position the Clubface at Address

In a perfect address, the club's face should be in a position that is right behind the ball. For regular shots, the club's face should be perpendicular to the target line in the address. This means that the club's face should be positioned straight forward to square the target.

How to Grip the Club during your Setup

  • Type: The position of hands should be as such that the position is in an overlapping grip. This would mean that the small finger of the right hand should be on top of the right. And it should be placed in the knuckle between the index & middle fingers of the left hand.
  • Strength: The strength should be kept as neutral as possible. It implies that the thumbs of both hands should be on top of the grip.
  • Left Thumb Length: Golfers choose to either use a long left finger grip or a short left finger grip. The former results in an all fingers-grip, while the latter leads to a palm-and-finger grip. Here’s a video that explains more:

Shaft Leans Forward at Address

A proper setup has the hands slightly ahead of the ball at the address. This would result in a shaft lean shaft position, whereby the shaft is tilted forward. Thus, getting back to an ideal position at the impact would get easier, resulting in successfully trapping the ball. This video illustrates this point:

Knees Are Bent Moderately in Your Setup

The position of the knees should be so that they appear to be bent slightly. This is called an athletic stance.

Knees should neither be bent for lowering the upper body too much nor should they be completely straight. The ideal position would allow the golfer to rotate the hips & shoulders freely while being firm on the feet.

Spine Angle Feels Natural at Address

At the address, the upper body should be slanted forward subtly.

The angle of the spine should be as such to allow the free hands movements while maintaining a proper distance between hands and hips. But one should beware of an angle that either causes strain on the lower back or causes the weight to shift on toes.

Spine Is (Mostly) Straight

The spine should not be tilted or slanted. It should rather be straight. Variations are allowed on the top, but they should be straight near the shoulders.

Bad positioning would either cause the buttocks to stick out too much or cause the back to move around.

Shoulders Are Angled Slightly

Given the position of the hands of the grip of the club, i.e., the right hand being under the left, the position of the shoulders is implied. The shoulders should not be in a parallel position to the ground.

Experts believe that the position of the shoulders should be as such that the left shoulder should slightly be on an upper edge than that of the right.

Chin Is Extended Out

While playing a shot, the body has got to swing. But it is always desirable for the chin not to get in the way when the body swings. Instead, the chin should be a little extended out. This would ensure that it allows a free and smooth movement of arms & shoulders around the golfer's spine.


Golf is the game of the elite and in this game, posture matters a lot. You will only be able to swing it right if you know how to set up the right posture. This detailed article will help you improve your position during the address which ultimately affects the entire game.