5 Best Women's Golf Clubs (Buying Guide)

Enrique Martínez Luque July 07 2022

It is universally acknowledged that buying and acquiring goods makes us happy, especially when it comes to buying items related to our hobbies. For example, when we purchase the latest iPhone or a new set of golf clubs. And women would know it very well indeed.

For this reason, and to make the best possible acquisition when choosing the best women's golf clubs on the market, it is recommended to do it in person at your preferred golf store. Or at your club's golf store, and even better if you could receive the advice of your golf instructor. The store assistant dealing with your purchase must be a golf expert who takes the time to assess your body structure and physical characteristics (height, weight, speed, rotation, etc.).

But, as we all know, buying the clubs in person is not always possible. We know that testing the clubs yourself, appreciating the materials, and even trying them out are all essential aspects of one's purchase. But when this is not the case, here is the best online alternative to make the right choice.

For this reason, online transactions have become a good option for many people. You only need a clear idea about what product you want to buy, its technical aspects, the suitable model, the right price, etc. Avoid annoying returns and refund processes. There are excellent online stores where you can access the best women's golf clubs on the market and choose among the best brands.

Golf clubs for beginner women

For women just starting to practice golf, the best thing to do is to think of a good set of irons that will generate confidence from the word go. It is advisable to opt for those that have a design focused on improving blows with ease. Beginners and intermediate players often practice and play with clubs designed to improve the game.

On the other hand, the most expert women and golf professionals hit the ball with advanced clubs, much more complex and from which the player is already capable of getting the most out of it. In other words, each person creates their own set of clubs according to their own swing.

This is why it is convenient not to jump at the first fancy set available and instead make the proper analysis to choose the correct irons, the best driver, easy-to-handle wedges, and the most personal putter, which must feel like an extension of your arm.

Choosing the clubs that help you prioritize and achieve control over distance is advisable. For beginners, graphite-made bars enhance better results due to their flexibility. They are more manageable as they absorb the impact of the blow with greater efficiency than steel shafts.

Remember, when putting together a set of primary golf clubs, the vital thing is to have a driver, a pair of woods (3 and 5 are the most used), and add irons with an intermediate number, a pitching wedge, a couple of sands wedges and a putter.

Here we share with you a selection of the best women's golf clubs of 2022 for beginners, and senior ladies, the best offer (price/quality ratio), the most premium set of the season, and the best set of average clubs for women who want to show off and shine on a golf course.

Best golf clubs for lady beginners

The new Cleveland Bloom complete set is perfect for women just starting to play golf. Why? The set features lightweight technology in all of its clubs, giving you distance on shots and a better advantage in your game. Each club is designed specifically for beginner and intermediate female golfers. The bag and covers are lovely and beautiful in mint green and lavender colors.

Using advanced technology, Bloom irons feature a forgiving cavity back design and a responsive face for maximum distance. For its part, the Bloom putter facilitates the alignment and consistency of shots on the green. The Bloom wedge is the ideal club to add consistency to your short game, with a wide sole that allows for a smoother interaction against the turf on every shot. 

Best overall golf clubs for lady golfers

Callaway's REVA 11 set is designed and engineered for players looking for superior performance. It indeed allows you to increase the distance and make great shots considerably. The set includes a driver, 3 woods, 5 and 6 hybrids, 7 to 9 irons, two wedges, and a putter, all in a bag designed to be used on a manual cart.

Each club in the bag features improvements not present in any of the previous versions. And this is clear from the high-speed face of the driver right down to the shafts, specially prepared in the Callaway lab. Undoubtedly, it is a set designed to revolutionize the game of women looking for more and more.

Best golf clubs for senior ladies

The Wilson Magnolia Club set is geared toward experienced women who want light, easy-to-hit clubs. Wilson designers have developed a set of clubs ideal for senior ladies, allowing easy ball pick-up for longer, straighter shots. They feature a specific size and weight that makes them unique in the market. The entire set of clubs is designed in a striking blue or pink color scheme, with a spacious bag that allows you to carry everything you need on a golf course.

Best value golf club set for ladies

The Strata Ultimate model offers modern technology ideal for achieving distance, performance, and forgiveness with every club at an incredible value. You are expected to hit longer shots easily with each shot, gaining control and increasing confidence. The irons and wedges feature high-flying technology that provides distance, forgiveness, and increased power in a 6-9 iron pitching and sand wedge.

The driver is made of titanium and has a large, sweet spot that provides greater tolerance against missed shots. The 3-wood has a similar setup as the hybrids (4 and 5). Meanwhile, the putter features front milling designed for better accuracy and distance control on long putters. A lightweight and comfortable tripod bag completes this perfect setting for those looking for good equipment at the best price.

Best premium golf club set for ladies

Finally, we would like to mention the new set of 11 clubs from TaylorMade: Kalea. This set maximizes players' performance with their clubs, helping them stand out from the rest. They feature an ultralight design with components that maximize club head speed and create consistent performance on every shot.

Each club has exceptional flexibility in the face's lower part, allowing a high launch with greater forgiveness. In addition, they offer a softer flex and an active tip designed to provide a very high launch, always with the desired frame. Of all the clubs in the set in our research about the best women's golf clubs, the Spider putter stands out, with a Pure Roll insert that allows a better rolling off the ball in each shot.

Enrique Martínez Luque

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