The Best Drivers for Seniors

Mike Regan May 05 2022

Maybe your hard swinging days are behind you, maybe you just started playing. Regardless, if you fall into the “senior” category, you need to have one of the best driver for seniors to hit the gofl ball as far as possible.

Golf equipment has become so personalized over the last decade, so why wouldn’t you buy a club that’s tailored for your wants and needs? There’s no excuse. By purchasing one of the best drivers out there, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward from tee 1 to tee 18.


The Best Drivers for Seniors: What makes a driver best for seniors?

The best drivers for a senior golfer will be one that produces the maximum distance with the lowest swing speed possible. This club will help you get the golf ball into the air with minimal effort and produce a nice golf ball shape. 

Instead of fighting with regular and stiff flex shafts, lofts that are too low, or clubs that are too heavy, a club for seniors puts you in the best driver seat. You won’t need to swing hard or dig too deep on each swing. A senior driver is one part of keeping the same lively swing from the beginning of the round to the end.

How to pick a flex

Much of being the best driver for seniors has to do with shaft flex. The science behind it is a little complicated but here is what you need to know. When you have the correct flex, you are able to hit a driver, accurately, and controlled as possible. With the improper flex, you will struggle with launch angle, golf ball speed, and direction.

But how fast do I swing and what does that mean for flex? When you do not have access to a club fitter, you need to make an educated guess. When you divide driver carry distance by 2.3, you get swing speed. So, if you carry the gofl ball 230 yards, your swing speed is 100 mph.

The best senior flex driver is designed for golfers who swing about 75-80mph. Golfers who fall into this category carry drives around 175 yards. If you do not carry the golf ball this far, you can also use a ladies shaft which supports golfers with the slowest swing speed.


Choosing the best loft

The best driver loft is also associated with swing speed. The harder you swing, the lower loft you should use. When you do not swing as hard, you need a little help launching the gofl ball. 

When you swing below 90mph, like everyone using a senior flex shaft, the best driver loft needs to be 12 degrees or more. If you already hit the golf ball high, you can consider going a little lower, but never below 10.5. 14 degrees should be about as high as you go for the best driver loft, no matter how slow your swing speed.

As a reminder, an adjustable driver can always be set higher than the listed loft.

Are senior drivers only for seniors?

Any golfer can use a senior or ladies driver. The labels on these clubs have are almost exclusively because of expected swing speeds. If you fall into the swing speed category, then it’s the best option for you. The same clubs can be the best drivers for seniors, the best drivers for young people, the best drivers for ladies. The list goes on and on.


What to look for when shopping the best driver for seniors 

  • Adjustability - can the clubhead be adjusted or shaft replaced?
  • Feel - Is the club responsive?
  • Forgiveness - Can I miss the sweet spot and still make good contact?
  • Weight - Is the club light enough to swing quickly? Is there a lighter alternative?
  • Price - The slower you swing, the less of a beating the club is likely to take. This club will last longer than those used by fast swingers.

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Draw Driver

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Draw Driver Mens

TaylorMade does their best to make sure every club they produce is built for distance. With the SiM 2 Max Draw Driver, they’ve succeeded.

Right off the bat, the draw bias produces a golf ball flight that moves right to left (for righties) and increases roll. This golf ball shape easily adds distance for seniors struggling to get it out there off the tee.

This might not be the most forgiving driver, but a good golf ball striker will feast using the SiM 2 Max Draw Driver.


Very forgiving for golf balls hit low on the face and will still launch high.


Draw bias will lead to hooks for golf balls hit on the toe.

WILSON D9 Men's Golf Driver

WILSON D9 Men's Golf Driver

This is not an adjustable driver, but comes in high stock lofts. Instead of hemming and hawing over loft, you are locked into a degree you otherwise might not stick with—even though you should. By picking the Wilson D9, you take choice out of the equation and can instead focus on improving your swing.


Lightweight club makes adding a few mph to your swing speed, and as a result, distance, easy.


Lack of adjustability prevents making any changes to help you shape the golf ball.

Callaway Golf Epic Max Driver

Callaway Golf Epic Max Driver

The Callaway Epic Max Driver has two shafts great for senior golfers - only they’re not senior shafts. The two fabulous options are ladies and light shafts.

The light shaft comes in at 40 grams, which is a similar flex but on the lowest end of weight for a senior shaft. The ladies shaft is also a lightweight option for golfers who don’t want to expend every bit of energy they have to gain distance off the tee.

Materials used in the clubhead are lightweight and allow Callaway driver to redistribute the weight to benefit the golfer. By spreading out a few grams differently than other clubs, the center of gravity is lowered and launch heightened.


Flash face and jailbreak technologies give an added boost at impact and make sure that all contact is good contact.


Having a sliding weight and adjustable hosel causes some to over-adjust, rather than trying to learn one swing.

Cobra Golf Men's F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

Cobra Golf Men's F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

Golf is all about making decisions. But sometimes, having to make too many of them clouds your mind and takes away from your overall game. This is the best simple option for senior golfers because it reduces the number of decisions you need to make. One loft setting, one face setting, one club.

Two features that make a big difference are internal weighting and head shape. The majority of weight is shifted towards the heel and back in the head preventing you from closing the club at impact and hitting it high. The crowned head also helps you keep the club square at impact.


Reduced weight in clubhead and shaft compared to comparable drivers helps generate higher swing speeds.


Fixed 10.5-degree loft may not be enough to help some get efficient golf ball flight.

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

With most driver’s, it’s the head that makes the club. With the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver, it’s the shaft. The center of gravity on this club is located near the grip, providing a more balanced feel and letting you generate some more MPH’s from start to finish.

Additionally, this is one of the most forgiving drivers you’ll find, for seniors or anyone else, thanks to a variable face and oversized sweet spot.


Minimal weight away from the bottom of the club, adding swing and golf ball speed.


Limited loft options for senior golfers.


Q: What are the best drivers for seniors?

A: While there is no definitive answer, we recommend looking for drivers that offer features like anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and a wide range of safety and driver-assistive technologies. These can all help make driving safer and more comfortable for seniors. Additionally, many newer vehicles come with larger displays and controls that can be easier to see and use than those in older cars.

Q: What should I avoid when choosing a car for my senior parent or grandparent?

A: Again, there is no definitive answer, but it is generally advisable to avoid vehicles with complex controls or infotainment systems. Additionally, smaller cars can be more difficult to get in and out of, so consider that when making your decision.

Q: Are there any special considerations I should keep in mind when shopping for a car for a senior citizen?

A: Yes! Make sure to take into account things like the individual’s vision, hearing, and mobility. For instance, if the senior has difficulty seeing, look for a car with large mirrors and good lighting. If they have trouble hearing, look for a car with features like hands-free calling or audio controls that can be operated without taking their hands off the steering wheel. And finally, if mobility is an issue, consider a car with features like power seats and doors, as well as a wide range of driver-assistive technologies.

Mike Regan

Mike is a weekend golfer from Connecticut and a devoted fan of the game who turned his passion into the writing experience. Any day he keeps it under 80 is a cool day. When he's not writing about golf his is playing it.