Top 5 Golf Travel Bags (How to Choose)

Enrique Martínez Luque July 07 2022

What is the best way to care for your golf clubs when traveling? Even the most straightforward golf bags need special protection when hitting the road or flying over the Atlantic. Today's innovation and designs allow the cumbersome golf travel bags of the past to be light, attractive, valuable, and efficient.

Without a doubt, choosing the best golf travel bag is something we should do with a decent amount of attention, especially if we are golfers used to moving around a lot and playing on different courses.

The market offers so many models that the choice can be somewhat complicated. For this reason, this guide will explain some fundamentals that must be considered when buying a golf travel bag.

What is a golf travel bag?

A golf travel bag protects your golf bag with everything inside it. In addition, it allows you to carry other elements of golf equipment, such as shoes, clothing, a practice ball bag, and much more. They are ideal for long-distance travel, especially when checking your luggage on a flight. The main characteristics show that they are padded and have wheels, facilitating their transfer as if they were a suitcase.

You must know that there are two golf travel bags: the hard case models and the soft case ones. The hard case has solid coverage and is heavier than other golf travel bags. The advantage is that they offer better protection. Meanwhile, the soft case is padded and provides exceptional protection in a lightweight way.

What should you take into account consider when choosing a golf travel bag?

To correctly choose the right golf travel bag for you, you must know the case's purpose in advance. The hard bag is highly rigid and does not fit well in the back of many cars, so please measure yours well before purchasing one. The first and maybe obvious characteristic is that they are perfect for air travel, where mistreatment of luggage by airline cargo staff is commonplace.

Meanwhile, the soft case is more suitable for storage and better fits any type of vehicle. Take note: always try to have a golf travel bag with wheels. This makes it easy to move around airports and golf resorts, considering that you usually travel with a carry-on and a backpack in addition to your golf clubs.

As you will all indeed agree, there is nothing like traveling to play golf at other courses. Doing it with your own familiar golf clubs is undoubtedly a bonus, thus avoiding renting them at the destination course. To make this possible, we offer you 5 of the best golf travel bags of 2022.

The First-Class Premium Golf Travel Cover manufactured by CaddyDaddy is considered the best golf travel bag on the market. This is a beautiful case made to last and perform a long time. It is built with a 1000D ballistic nylon fabric and YKK zippers, which ensure its long-lasting durability.

Among other features, it has 2-layer foam/EVA padding, which provides total protection for your golf clubs. One of the most acclaimed details is found in the wheels, with an autonomous base and non-slip rails. With a 2-year replacement guarantee, this is the perfect product for long journeys.

This is the latest generation of golf travel bags from Bag Boy. Without a doubt, the main attraction is its T-10 rigid top travel cover, which also includes a particular protection system. It also has internal padding of high-density foam, which cushions any blow during travel.

It has high resistance zippers, especially the main one, with a unique lock. It has extra-large pockets, ideal for storing golf shoes and other bulky items. Since 1946, Bag Boy has been one of the most reputable brands in the world of golf for its products' quality, durability, and innovation.

If you want to travel in style and like a pro, then the best golf travel bag for you is the Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro. It is the most-used case by golf professionals around the world. The large collapsible bag fits almost any golf bag and up to a 47" driver. It also has enough space to carry all the necessary equipment for a long season away from home.

One of its virtues is when it is not in use: it can be compact and reduced easily so that it occupies less space in the hotel or wherever we are. Another virtue is its weight: it is 5 pounds lighter than several of the main competitors in its segment. A jewel. 

The OGIO Alpha Travel Cover is the preferred choice for golfers looking for a golf travel bag at a reasonable price and with the best features. Its size allows all ball bags to be adapted, including those intended for electric cars. It has external and internal compression straps, which reduce the movement of the irons and woods.

It is composed of high-density foam that protects the bag and all its equipment. It has lockable exterior zippers and different pockets with separation for shoes and shirts. Without a doubt, one of the best options on the market.

The CaddyDaddy Constrictor Golf Bag Cover is built to protect your golf clubs when traveling, regardless of the means of transportation. An excellent price-quality ratio makes this item perfect for those who travel little and do not want to spend much on this type of equipment. It has padding that protects the head from the clubs and a 1800D composite fabric. Also, webbing straps provide a secure hold that keeps clubs intact during every ride. It has in-line, smooth-rolling skate wheels.

Travel and play golf. Travel to play golf. Nothing better than that. For the enjoyment to be complete, remember that carrying your clubs and taking care of them is essential for the joy to be absolute with the best golf travel bag you can buy. That is what this is all about.

Enrique Martínez Luque

Enrique Martínez Luque is the Argentina-based golf expert and professional writer. He built his career in the world of golf taking a number of positions. Enrique was the manager of a golf club, director at a federation level, an agent for professional golfers and director institutional relations on the Argentinian Tour. Assissted the professional golfers on major tours for almost 20 years. Worked as the press officer of national and international golf tournaments.

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