The Top 3 Best Driver Shafts for Distance

Mike Regan May 05 2022

The average golfer is always looking for ways to improve their game and drive the ball further. A new driver or set of irons can help, but sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. If you're looking to add a few extra yards off the tee, you might want to consider upgrading your shaft. Let's find out what's the top 3 best driver shafts for distance.

Best Driver Shafts for Distance

There are a variety of different shafts on the market, each designed to provide different benefits. If you're looking for more distance, you'll want to find a shaft that's lightweight and has a low flex point. This will help you generate more clubhead speed and launch the ball higher into the air.

There are a variety of different manufacturers that offerdistance-enhancing shafts, but a few stand out from the pack.

Fujikura Atmos


If you plan on only buying one shaft for your driver despite any swing changes, it should be the Fujikura Atmos. This is regular flex and a great shaft for beginners. 

There may be points where you want a more flexible or stiff shaft, but this is the middleground. In other words, it fits more swing speeds well than most. The mid kick point will also help produce a consistent, but not too high ball flight. If you are bordering on senior flex or stiff, this is a great compromise. 

ust Proforce V2 HL

ust Proforce V2 HL

We talk about changing products as your swing develops, but there’s something about continuity. The ust Proforce plays a major role in what driver gives you the most distance, no matter the model you’re using. It comes in Senior, Regular, and Stiff flex meaning that you can use the “same shaft”, even as you swap it for one that is better for your current swing.

This shaft features a low kick point and much like the “HL” in its name, is one of the best for high launch you will find. Whether you’re a beginner golfer or low handicap, this is a great shaft for distance and one you can benefit from.

Project X New HZRDUS Smoke 6.0


If you research what driver gives you the most distance, Project X shafts will always be there. This is a stiff flex driver shaft and designed for golfers who swing close to, or over, 100 mph.

The higher kick point will reduce ball flight and spin. If you’re someone whose pursuit of distance is being derailed by poor ball flight, this will help you improve and become consistent.

Disclaimer: Not all shafts are compatible with every driver head. There are adapters that make these components work together. Be sure to pick a shaft that matches the brand club you have or buy an adapter with it. Installation is a breeze as long as you have the correct pieces.

Why You Should Build, Not Buy Your Driver

Finding the best driver shafts for distance and control begins with the correct flex.

You can identify a shaft that is too flexible or too stiff by launch angle and spin. A shaft that is too stiff will generate low drives with minimal spin. When the shaft is too flexible, you’ll hit the ball high and with excess spin. 

You cannot rely on the standard shaft being best for your swing. Instead, you need to choose what driver gives you the most distance and control. 

Driver Shafts for Distance

What makes shafts great for distance?

We won’t talk much about shaft size or torque, but more generally about materials. Because as we all know, materials and design heavily factor in into quality.

The best driver shafts for distance are graphite. Graphite is lighter than steel and allows golfers to generate more swing speed. Because there is minimal impact force (not hitting the ground), the club is less likely to be damaged than with irons.

This is especially important for picking the best shaft for beginners or best shaft for senior golfers. The lightweight materials are great for distance because these players traditionally have a hard time generating club speed. 

What driver degree is the best for extra distance?

The driver is the only club you should hit on a positive angle. In other words, on the way up. Building distance off the tee is all about the best launch angle. For most golfers, you need a little help. 

Opting for a driver between 10-12-degrees is a better choice than anything lower. Combined with the best driver shafts for distance, this loft lets you launch the ball without going so high you lose distance.

How to improve distance and accuracy with the right driver shaft?

Choosing the best driver shaft for distance and accuracy is a different process for every golfer. This is because picking a driver shaft relies so heavily on your individual swing. While a professional fitting is the best option, it’s not always realistic. 

Most golfers rely on analyzing their own swing and trying to make the best decision for their game. People will not have access to the tools professional fitters do. Knowing the best driver shafts for distance is a good way to ensure that replacing a stock model shaft comes with improvement. 

The New Golfer Aspect

When you’re new to golf, your game will be changing, as will your equipment needs. It is an expensive endeavor, but periodically changing your driver shaft to reflect your current swing helps with control.

The rest of your game improving, but not your driver, is a sure sign that an equipment change might be necessary. Instead of buying an entirely new club, replacing the shaft can add distance and control at the same time.

Kick Point

Low kick point driver shafts tend to produce higher ball flights. High kick point driver shafts usually have a lower ball flight. There is also a mid-kick point, which many stock shafts have. The middle ground is perfect for accommodating most golfers decently, but not perfectly. Choosing the best driver shaft for distance and accuracy gives you more control over your game.

Suppose you have been hitting the ball low and as your overall swing improves, your ball flight gets lower. At some point it gets low enough that you want to make a change. 

After realizing your driver has a mid-flex point, you switch to a low flex point driver shaft. This helps launch the ball higher and you can increase swing speed, ball flight, and control all at once. By choosing a different flex point driver shaft, all of this changes at once.  


How to choose the best shaft for senior golfers?

For a senior golfer, the best driver shafts for distance are not going to be what they used to earlier in their career. Golf shafts are built today specifically for different golfers, and seniors are one group that gets a lot of attention.

Senior shafts are extremely lightweight, with lower flexes and kick points. They are designed for golfers with lower swing speeds that are looking to maximize launch angle and carry distance. 

By making the switch from a stock shaft to a senior shaft, you give yourself a change to maintain distance without overswinging or losing accuracy. Rather than reaching back for a big swing to add a few yards, picking the proper shaft does the work for you and is overall great for accuracy.

The Best Driver Shafts for Distance Takeaways

Find the right flex and find your desired ball flight. By focusing on these two core areas, you’ll be able to find a shaft that improves your game. 

Instead of going out and buying new club after new club, buying the best driver shafts for distance means saving you money and strokes. It is well worth putting in the effort to research driver shafts because of the benefits we describe above. 

It doesn’t matter what driver gives you the most distance if you do not have a shaft that fits your swing. Constantly reassess your game to identify trends and break up any bad habits before adjusting an otherwise good swing.

Mike Regan

Mike is a weekend golfer from Connecticut and a devoted fan of the game who turned his passion into the writing experience. Any day he keeps it under 80 is a cool day. When he's not writing about golf his is playing it.