How to Choose The Best Driver Shafts

Enrique Martínez Luque September 09 2022

Every golfer wants to hit long golf shots off the tee. Who does not dream about firing bombs from the tee? And not only that: some dream about emulating Bryson DeChambeau, Brooks Kopeka, and Justin Thomas and even hitting bombs like multiple champion Phil Mickelson. Therefore, one of the secrets to achieving this goal is founding an essential component of our drivers: the shaft. Choosing the best driver shaft is central and necessary to be a champion from the tee.

How to know if you are using the best driver shaft based on our swing and physical build? Different methods will allow you to find out which is the perfect model for your game, always through the assistance of a golf club specialist. Of course: one thing is to identify a need, and another is to solve the problem. It is worth looking at a few specs that can help you to decide well.


Shaft length

One of the most important characteristics to consider in a shaft is its length. The ideal situation is that a player's best driver shaft should be neither long nor short, depending on their height and physical build. How can you know if your shaft has the correct length? You will understand it by observing how the club face sits on the grass or mat. The important thing is to ensure that the clubface is not poorly seated, leading to uncontrolled hits.

Also, a shaft that is too long (or too short) forces you to push your position in front of the ball (your stance), causing you to crouch or stretch, directly affecting your swing. So, what is the best driver shaft according to each player's height? If you are taller than 1.85 meters, you will need a shaft that is 1 to 1.5 inches longer than the standard size. On the contrary, if your height is between 1.60 and 1.65 meters, the most appropriate thing is that your rod is shorter.

Another way to tell if the shaft is correct is by looking at the distance from the hand to the ground: if this distance is around 71 cm, the ideal measurement for a driver will be 114 cm.

As a general rule, longer clubs allow for more distance. This is due to the larger swing arc they create. But take note, as this has a distinct disadvantage: the longer your driver is, the harder it will be to control it. Also, too much weight will cause you to exert extra effort during your swing.

Best driver shafts material

Another essential aspect when picking your best driver shaft is the material it is made of. That aspect clarified that knowing each type of shaft's advantages and disadvantages is vital to making the best decision. The question is: steel shaft or graphite?

Graphite can allow greater ease of movement thanks to its lightweight. Meanwhile, steel provides a more consistent feel, which results in more accurate shots.


Other factors to consider are the shaft's weight distribution and balance. As for flexibility, it is divided into regular, rigid (stiff), extra rigid, seniors, and many more. That is why it is important to correctly choose the best driver shaft according to the speed of the swing.

  • From 50 to 70 miles: slow swing.
  • 70 to 90 miles: medium swing.
  • 90+ miles: swing fast.

Knowing your swing speed, the correct best driver shaft can be:

  • Slow swings: senior or lady flexibility.
  • Medium swings: regular or firm flexibility.
  • Fast swings: stiff or extra stiff flexibility.

Finally, you have to remember that the best driver shaft that is perfectly suited to your swing is the one that allows the club face to be perfectly centered at the impact of the ball. Below is the list that our team of specialists put together to show you some of the best driver shafts on the market.

Mitsubishi Tensei Ck

This shaft has a technology composed of nickel and tungsten, which allows maximizing transport and bearing, achieving superior stability with less weight. This shaft is ideal for TaylorMade M1, M2, and R15 series drivers. What are the main features? Its high strength and the feeling of permanent control.

Aldila RIPX

This Aldila shaft has graphite as its main component with a rigid texture. It comes with various weight options and is available in 4 different flexibilities. The best grip for this shaft is the Tour Velvet 360, which allows the best grip with the right weight for the club. It is also an ideal shaft for TaylorMade divers: especially the M1 and M6 models.

Mitsubishi Diamana

This shaft is perfectly compatible with Callaway drivers. Its main characteristics are mid-launch, low torque, standard length, and durability. Over the years, Mitsubishi Diamana has successfully manufactured different series of driver shafts recognized by the best golf professionals. The season's latest models are the Diamana D+ Plus Limited Edition and the Diamana 2nd Generation S+. In both cases, they are available in a variety of flex options and are ideally suited for all types of golfers who want to achieve more distance off the tee.

Now you know it: the final choice of the best driver shaft will depend on your swing and what you want to achieve with your driver. Be it distance, height, accuracy—and swing speed. Perhaps your choice may seem complicated, so it is always advisable to have a professional's advice to pick the suitable model accordingly and thus be able to hit bombs every time you play golf with your friends.

Enrique Martínez Luque

Enrique Martínez Luque is the Argentina-based golf expert and professional writer. He built his career in the world of golf taking a number of positions. Enrique was the manager of a golf club, director at a federation level, an agent for professional golfers and director institutional relations on the Argentinian Tour. Assissted the professional golfers on major tours for almost 20 years. Worked as the press officer of national and international golf tournaments.

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