Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

VD April 04 2022

Sweaty hands and bad golf gloves are a recipe for disaster. Not only will sweaty hands hurt your scores, but it also drains the fun from the game. 

We’re here to tell you what makes a good golf glove and how the right choice helps you succeed in all kinds of weather conditions.

This article profiles men’s products, but all information included can apply to male or female golfers. Additionally, the same reasons that make each glove a suitable option for a male golfer serve as the same reason they’d be suitable for a female golfer. Each of these companies make their products in women’s versions as well. 

They are the same products, but with different sizing. For this reason, a man can wear a women’s glove and a female can wear a men’s glove.

What are the best golf gloves for sweaty hands?

Titleist Players Men's Golf Glove 


Sometimes a simple, leather option is best. The Titleist Players Men’s Golf Glove offers a solid grip for playing in hot conditions, cold conditions, rainy conditions, and everything in-between.

Titleist uses high-quality materials to help their gloves last, even under strenuous circumstances. One major benefit of this design is supplemental reinforcement around the thumb. By targeting where gloves rip first, Titleist extends the number of rounds you’ll play before having to replace it.

FootJoy Men's StaSof Golf Glove


The Footjoy Men’s StaSof Golf Glove is a comfortable glove, and its features become more useful as the round goes on and your hand gets sweatier. What we like the most are mesh inserts that go along your knuckles. The breathable mesh helps your hands stay cool(er) and reduces stress on areas prone to ripping.

This glove has a tighter fit than most, but is less clunky as a result. Additionally, the use of APL leather actually helps increase tackiness as water or sweat gets onto your palms.

Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove Men's

Well-placed perforations make the Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove more breathable than other options. Their unique design is ideal for golfers with sweaty hands. Most gloves have micro perforations on the outside, but this glove has them on both sides of your hands. We like this a lot as the extra perforation allows better airflow when wearing the glove or trying to dry it off later.

If warmer conditions seem to be your regular setting, finding a glove made with a lightweight material and as breathable of a design as this one is essential.

Is there a glove for sweaty hands?

Different Types of Golf Gloves

Golf gloves leather vs synthetic?

Synthetic golf gloves have become common in recent years, but are less breathable than leather. If you plan on buying one glove for the entire year, a synthetic glove is your best bet. They have better durability than leather gloves and come in different color options. 

When it comes to sweaty hands, a leather glove will hold a better grip, even if it rips quicker. Both glove types are made from high-quality materials and are way better than any glove from a decade ago, but each still has distinct benefits. 

If you aren’t comfortable wearing one type, we always encourage trying a different option. However, when it comes to someone most concerned with how sweaty their hands are and how their grip is affected, we recommend leather gloves every time.

All Weather Gloves

We cannot always avoid rain on the golf course, no matter how hard we try. When there’s wet conditions, swapping to all weather gloves or rain gloves makes a big difference. The materials used in these gloves actually generate more grip as they get wet. While other gloves performance suffer in rainy conditions, all weather gloves offer a secure grip.

Winter Gloves

If you’re part of lucky population that plays golf 12-months a year, congratulations. If you’re not, when the cold conditions roll in the winter gloves come out. They are made of synthetic material with thermal insulation. 

Due to the weather conditions, golfers wear two of these at a time. In most cases, they are also water proof and offer the same time of solid grip you get with a normal glove.

Golf Mitts

Ever ride in a cart during November? We do not recommend it. However, when you have the luxury of playing winter golf, thermal mitts keep your hands warm between shots. They’re easy-on, easy-off and waterproof.

How do you measure a golf glove - Finding the Right Size of Golf Glove to Help You Gain Control

Measure from the base of your index finger across to the base of your pinky. Measurements change from brand to brand, but 5 inches across typically puts you in a medium and each additional inch means you should go up a size.

Next measure the length of your middle finger. A 5-inch middle finger equates to a medium glove. Follow the same method of going a size up for each additional inch on your middle finger.

If your middle finger is shorter than you palm is across, consider a cadet glove. A cadet glove is the same type of fit, but with shorter fingers.

Tips and Tricks to Longer Lasting Gloves

Straightening your glove after each round

Stretch your glove out, lay it flat. If it stays crunched up in your bag, it will dry unevenly and create creases. These creases lead to weak spots and will be the first to overstretch and rip.

Rotating between two or three gloves during your round

As soon as your glove starts to get wet, swap it for another. By doing this, you’ll maintain an excellent grip throughout the round and preserve the quality of the glove.

Taking your glove off between shots

The less time on your hand, the better. If you wipe your hands down between shots, it reduces the amount of sweat that gets onto the glove. Less sweat means fewer substances that can break down the materials of your glove.


What is the stickiest golf glove?

All-weather gloves and rain gloves are the stickiest golf glove, and reach max efficiency when they’re wet. When it’s not raining, a leather glove with an adjustable wrist closure locked firm in place will give you the best grip.

What golf gloves do the pros wear?

Pro golfers wear leather gloves. Some amateur golfers avoid leather gloves because they rip quickly. But this is hardly a concern to golfers with professional sponsors. If you’re willing to make a budget sacrifice, this is the way to go.

How to keep golf gloves from getting crusty?

Rinse your gloves off after every round with water and let them dry. Added sweat and dirt is what leads to gloves getting crusty. By removing it from the gloves before it has a chance to set in, you eliminate what causes the crustiness.

How to clean golf gloves?

Lukewarm water, hand soap, and fresh air. After a round is over, put them in a sink filled with room temperature water. Rub them down by hand using a mild soap and rinse clean. After that, let them air dry before placing them back in a sealed plastic bag. This method extends the life of your leather gloves and keeps them fresh for the next time you hit the course.