The Best Golf Gear for The Worst Weather—Rain Gear Edition

Mike Regan May 05 2022

It will not be 75 and sunny every time you step on a golf course. More often than not, it won’t be—which is when you need the best golf gear for the worst weather to keep you going. If you’re like most golfers, you value the time you get to spend on the course. You also don’t let a little bad weather get in the way of tee times booked a week in advance. You might not always be thrilled, but you love the game enough to deal with it.

Most golfers struggle in poor conditions, but they don't need to. With the best golf gear for rain , you prepare yourself for anything the weather throws your way and build a competitive advantage over others. We want you to stay dry and comfortable, but we also want you to play well. Because of this, we picked five of our favorite products that help you do it all.


Don’t get tricked into wind gear: the best golf gear for the worst weather

Wind golf gear is not rain golf gear. Golf companies make both and price each accordingly. Golf wind gear is a nice extra layer for a normal day. Rain gear is an essential layer for when conditions are poor and you need to do something to protect you. One is optional, the other is necessary if you want to enjoy your round and play well.

Golf rain gear repels water and keeps your clothes dry. Wind gear absorbs water and offers no competitive advantage as it relates to precipitation. In many cases wind gear has a lower price, but the tradeoff is not there. While rain gear can be worn in the wind and rain, wind gear can only be worn on days with good weather.

What are the best golf gear for the worst weather?

Sun Mountain Mens Monsoon Packable Rain Jacket

Sun Mountain Mens Monsoon Packable Rain Jacket

Sun Mountain is a brand with a reputation for having not only the golf rain gear, but some of the best golf gear for rain overall. Their Monsoon Rain Jacket is a top choice for when the weather is bad and it’s on the cold side.

This jacket has long sleeves and insulated pockets to keep your hands warm. Elastic wrist cuffs and waist bands are also key for keeping heat in and any rain out. Since it is pretty lightweight, it’s a perfect option casual wear as well.

An underappreciated benefit of this jacket and Sun Mountain products in general is how easily they are stored. After all, this is the Monsoon Packable Rain Jacket. Keep it in your bag, tucked in the corner, and grab it when the skies open up.

Adidas Men's Provisional Rain Jacket

adidas Men's Provisional Rain Jacket

Just because it’s raining does not mean you need to be uncomfortable. This is where Adidas excels, and specifically the adidas Provisional Rain Jacket. Short sleeves and a loose, but not baggy fit allows you to breathe while repelling rain.

This is our top pick for climates that get muggy when it starts to rain. While a lot of rain golf gear suffocates the wearer, this jacket does its job in keeping you dry and able to swing happily.

This product is part of the full adidas Provisional Rain gear set. So if this jacket is the one for you, full length pants and jackets of the same materials and style are also available to complete your wardrobe.


Value of rain gloves, why you need two: the best golf gear for the worst weather

Staying dry is one thing, but keeping a secure grip on your clubs is another. And by another, we mean the most important. It does not matter if you are dry and comfortable while golfing if you cannot hold onto the club. Finding the best rain gloves means lets you play your best you can even when the weather makes it hard.

When you make the move into rain gloves, you always need to wear both. The idea behind these is to give you a better grip when water prevents you from being able to do so. It doesn’t just rain on one hand, so it’s pointless to wear one glove. Wearing both gives you a strong enough grip to keep the club in your hands as you make contact, even in the worst of conditions.

Rain gloves have palms and fingers that give you a stronger grip when they are wet. If you’re looking to get a feel for them, you should wet them so you know what to expect when the time actually comes.

FootJoy Men's RainGrip Golf Gloves

FootJoy Men's RainGrip Golf Gloves

Whether it’s shoes or gloves, FootJoy is top of the line in golf gear. The front and back of these gloves have different materials, each of which are waterproof. The inside material promotes and strong grip and the back focuses on breathability. 

It is a hassle to continually reach into your pockets when it’s raining, and especially when you’re wearing gloves. FootJoy cut this issue off with their RainGrip gloves thanks to a tee holder on the back of the glove. It also comes with a small ball marker as many FootJoy gloves do. Put this all together and you never have to go in your pockets.


TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves

TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves

Another top-notch product from a top-notch company. TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves are perfect for allowing your hands to breathe and keeping a secure grip in the rain. These gloves are made of several different materials and an intricate design adds extra padding where needed.

Two major benefits of these gloves are the attached ball mark and the easy to grab tightening flap. When your hands are wet and you have two gloves on, tightening or removing one is not the easiest. Thanks to the attention to detail in this area, you can make adjustments as needed.

Columbia Men's Rebel Roamer Rain Pant

Columbia Men's Rebel Roamer Rain Pant, Waterproof & Breathable

Every golfer needs good rain pants. We tapped Columbia for this product because of their variety of sizes and ability to stand up to even the worst course conditions. 

Unlike many rain products, the Columbia Rebel Roamer pants have more than just small, medium, and large sizing. They also include a variety of inseams so that you’re not dragging around the course or interfering with your shoes. To further prevent bagginess around the ankles, a Velcro strap holds them securely in place.

FAQs about the best golf gear for the worst weather

What is the best golf gear for the worst weather?

The best golf gear for the worst weather is a combination of sturdy clothing, high-quality clubs, and good shoes.

What kind of clothes should I wear in bad weather?

You should wear sturdy clothes that will protect you from the elements. Look for clothes made from waterproof or water-resistant materials.

What kind of clubs should I use in bad weather?

You should use high-quality clubs that are designed for playing in adverse conditions. Look for clubs with steel shafts and large, forgiving heads.

What kind of shoes should I wear in bad weather?

You should wear good shoes that have spikes or other traction devices. This will help you keep your footing on wet or slippery surfaces.

What other equipment do I need in bad weather?

In addition to clothing and clubs, you may want to use a golf cart or push cart. This will help you keep your clubs dry and prevent them from getting wet or dirty. You may also want to use a rain cover for your golf bag.

What are some tips for playing in bad weather?

Some tips for playing in bad weather include:

  • Warming up before you play
  • Stretching your muscles to stay loose
  • Taking practice swings indoors
  • Using a tee to keep your golf ball dry
  • Hitting golf balls into a net or tarp
  • Keeping your golf clubs and golf balls clean and dry
  • Changing your golf shoes if they get wet
  • Paying attention to the forecast and planning your round accordingly.

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