How to Choose the Best Beer Sleeve for Golf Bag

Mike Regan May 05 2022

Coolers might be outlawed, but golfers still need a way to keep their beer cold as they make their way through 18 holes. Beer from home or beer from the course, the best beer sleeve for golf bag keeps your drink of choice cool until you need it.

The best beer sleeve for golf bag is an insulated, cooler-type vessel used for transporting and keeping drinks cold. They are most commonly shaped like a cane, with cans stacked one on top of the other. The other typical form is a flat bag, where cans sit beside each other.

Beer Sleeves for Cooling Off During the Game

The most important part of any cooler tube is that it fits inside a golf bag. This is so a nosy ranger or starter can't see it. After all, most people using a beer bag are doing so to avoid paying the high costs demanded for golf course beers.


What Makes the Best Beer Sleeve for Golf Bag

Quantity and Quality

If you’re like me, you’ll probably pick the best quality beer sleeve. This should not be the only thing you consider. Pay attention to what you want to drink, and how many you’d like to drink.

Some golf accessories are for 12 ounce beers only. Others can hold seltzers, tall boys, and bottles of wine. If that’s what you plan on drinking, buy a product that fits your needs.


Cold beer, cold beer, cold beer. A cooler is a bag if it’s not insulated well. At that point, why bother?

Pay attention to what reviews say and if people like the temperature of their drinks after a few holes on a summer day. 


Golf bags are expensive and contain expensive items. Whether it’s accessories or your clubs, getting them wet is something you want to avoid.

Only consider golf beer sleeves made of high-quality materials that will not wear down quickly. The idea is to buy golf accessories you can rely on for a few years, not rounds.

Does it Fit in Your Bag?

Some golf beer sleeves go into a club slot and others go into side pouches. We would not consider a beer sleeve that cannot go into a bag. After all, that’s the idea behind this product—conceal what you’re carrying.

Make sure that you have few enough dividers to fit a beer sleeve into one of the slots. If not, be sure to make sure you have a big enough side pocket to fit the cooler inside.

Our Top Picks

What’s the idea behind finding the best beer sleeve for golf bag? Putting cans into a bag that fits inside a club slot. This is exactly what the Pins & Aces Beer Sleeve does. It’s the most practical option.

What’s unique is that it comes will several small ice packs you place between each stacked can. They’re specifically designed for this beer sleeve and are easily stored when not in use.

This beer sling also comes in a variety of colors. Pick your favorite or at least a different one from your friends.

The best beer sleeve for golf bag you can carry as you please is the REALEAD Beer Sleeve. Coming with a functional sleeve-length strap, this is the definition of a beer sling. Carry it over your shoulder, by your side, or put it in your golf bag. You have plenty of options.

The rugged outer material is great for all types of carrying. In your bag or out, it will not tear with a small amount of use like some lesser constructed versions that you’ll find out there. While in-cooler ice pack options are limited, it comes with an insulated koozie connected to the carrying strap. Some see this is as a nice bonus, others see it as an opportunity to keep an additional beer cold.

Sometimes a beer sling isn’t the best accessory for the job. Sometimes you need to go with a more classic fit.

If you use a golf bag with 14 dividers (a slot for every club), this is the best option for you. The more dividers, the less room there is to conceal drinks. If this sounds like you, you need to purchase the best beer sleeve for golf bag that fits on the side. Utilize the biggest outside pouch of your bag to comfortably fit the Freedom Pursuits Golf Cooler Bag.

This option holds up to a six-pack and comes with free ice packs. The shape of the cooler makes it a versatile option for sneaking drinks in your golf bag or anywhere else. We also like that it fits snuggly inside a backpack—no more carrying two bags when you walk down to the beach.

A good beer cooler needs heavy duty materials and ample insulation. It also needs to do so without being too heavy or big to fit in your golf bag. Big Strike Golf tests the boundaries of these parameters with their sleeve cooler.

This beer bag successfully tows the line of size and quality. The result is a golf accessory worth buying two of (one for your friend so they stop asking to borrow yours).

The slightly “puffier” shell might worry some, but it fits most golf bags. This product is for in-bag storage as the only handle is at the top for pulling it out of the bag when thirst calls. An equally practical canvas cover ensures it won’t leak or be damaged by repeated use.

Keeping it Cold

Warm beer sucks. No other way to put it. If the choice is between and overpriced beer and a warm one, it hurts to do but the overpriced one is better.

We’re here to eliminate the choice and make sure you have cold, liquor store priced beer for all 18 holes.

Besides picking any beverage storage case above, be sure to use ice packs and freezable koozies when possible. Keep the ice packs in a cooler until you’re leaving your car and getting in the cart. After you take the first beer from your bag, replace its place in your beer bag with the ice pack.

Once the beer is at the course, you’re usually in the clear. Buy a few beers of the same kind you brought in your beer sling and ask for a bag of ice with them. All you have to do then is replenish what you drink from the bag.


Bringing Beer from Home?

Golf courses do not like when people bring their own beer. You sneak beer onto a golf course the same way you sneak candy into a movie theater. You need the best beer sleeve for golf bag to get this done.

Outside alcohol poses a dangerous risk in more ways than one. Right off the bat, beer from home is beer not purchased from the course. There’s a reason bars are not BYOB. It’s the same for a golf course.

The real reason bringing beer to a golf course is prohibited is the legal liability. When a golf course holds a liquor license, it is responsible for consumption. The course is responsible for an overserved patron whether the beer came from the tap or their choice of beer bag.

If you get in trouble, so do they. To add to their argument, intoxicated people break things. Golf courses don’t want their things broken.

Best Beer Sleeve for Golf Bag Wrap Up

The prices of golf course beer are expensive, in many cases ridiculously so. To combat this, golfers have been sneaking beers in their bag onto the course for years. As a result, there’s a pretty big market for doing this easily.

We did the work to identify the best beer sleeve for golf bag so you can avoid the $7 Bud Light from the 19th hole. Pick any one of the options above to cut down on costs outside the pro shop and keep your drinks cold all round long.

Mike Regan

Mike is a weekend golfer from Connecticut and a devoted fan of the game who turned his passion into the writing experience. Any day he keeps it under 80 is a cool day. When he's not writing about golf his is playing it.