End the Embarrassment: Simple Drills to Stop Topping the Golf Ball

Whenever you play golf, topping the ball might be embarrassing. This awkward shot causes the ball to stay close to the ground, not allowing it to travel far. Some shots might let the ball cover an extended distance, thanks to the topspin. All in all, topping the ball sends an uncomfortable feeling through the grip of the player. 

You can also feel a vibration move through the shaft. So, while you ask yourself why you are hitting this type of shot and what to do to get rid of it, we'll guide you in the matter. 

What could be the reasons for topping the ball?

Topping the ball is a common mistake that golfers make during the play. But, you don't have to worry as you can fix it with ease. The reasons why topping of the ball happen: 

  • The club didn't go down enough towards the ball 
  • Instead of catching the ball at the bottom point, you catch it on the way up
  • Now, let's check out the reasoning behind the topping of the ball. 
  • A shortened club 
  • A tricky stance 
  • Putting the weight on the wrong side
  • A swing arc that flights upwards 
  • An incorrect posture while taking a swing 
  • Reverse pivot 
  • Worrying about hitting the ground 
  • A chicken wing follow-through

A shortened club 

A club with a very short length would make a player uncomfortable while he tries to reach the ball. It is because when the player forces himself to cover the extensive gap, maintaining his posture becomes difficult. 

In a nutshell, you can't swing well and make a good shot, thanks to the distance you need to cover because of the short club. 

So, having excellent golf equipment to play the game right is a must for everyone. You can't compromise on your clubs and get the ones that can help you to win. 

A critical stance

A critical stance or a terrain condition can cause the ball topping. Most of the time, when the player hits the ball uphill, it can result in ball topping. You would need to adjust your posture to avoid topping the ball in this situation. When you fix your shoulder according to the slope, your swing will become stable.

Reverse pivot 

Reverse Pivot is also one of the causes for topped shots. If you use this move, your weight transfer on the downswing becomes a problem. You end up pivoting off your lead foot as the weight never shifts to the back foot. This poor weight transfer causes a topped shot. You can fix the issue by working on your posture. With feet in a wide position and flexed knees, you can avoid topping the ball.

Worrying about hitting the ground: 

Worrying too much about hitting the ground can also result in a topped shot. After hitting fat or heavy shots in the past, you might try to avoid them, leading you to hit the top of the golf ball. Your overestimation then results in a topped shot.

Now, let's move on to the drills that'll help you to stop the topping shots.

Drills to stop topping  

Drill #1- The still head 

  • Ask your friend to stand at a secure spot, exactly outside the golf ball you're addressing
  • Let your friend put the grip side of their club on the top of your head 
  • Take a swing while your friend keeps the grip-side of the club in the same spot until you take a shot

If you pull this drill through, you'll be able to maintain a "fixed point" throughout the backswing. 

Drill #2- The tee drill 

  • Take two tees 
  • Push one tee in the ground about 1/2 inch outside the golf ball 
  • Take the other tee and push it to the ground about 1/2 inches in front of the golf ball. 
  • After fixing both tees in the ground, hit a golf ball using 70% of your strength. 
  • Your divot should be able to take out the tee present in front of the golf ball. 
  • Your divot should start a little after the tee available outside the golf ball. You need to remember that hitting the ball comes first, then the turf. 

This drill will help you to fix your club path and attack angle. If you fail to take out the front tee, then it means you aren't putting enough of your weight forward. Also, no divot would mean that you should swing down on the ball more. 

Drill # 3- Stand on club

  • Put a club down in a parallel position to your back foot 
  • Place the half of your back foot on the shaft of the club by stepping on it 
  • Now practice shots while maintaining this posture 

This drill will allow you to balance your weight and lean forward. This is the posture you would need to start the swing. Also, you should use 50% to 70% of your strength to swing. Once your weight moves forward, you'd achieve balance while tapping your back toe on the ground after finishing the shot. 

Drill #4- Mental Simulation 

This drill requires you to mentally simulate your shot. A quick visualization of how you want to swing and what type of shot should occur in its result would help you a lot. With this mental exercise, you can improve rapidly. You can imagine yourself on the golf course and as you stand behind the ball, picture a swing. Then, see a perfect shot going right inside the golf hole. 

After doing this drill all the time, your focus and deduction skills will improve. You'd be able to estimate what posture would fit right and how to swing to get the shot you have in your mind. 

Final Thoughts 

The drills discussed in this guide will help you to fix your shortcomings and perfect your game. Whether you are topping the ball due to the use of a short club, incorrect posture, or improper weight shift, you can get rid of these issues. Practicing will help you to save yourself from the embarrassment of missing the shot. 

Analyzing your movements will help you to make better contact with every club you have. Even if it seems like it's a lot of hard work and practice, once you overcome what you lack, you can stop topping the ball.