How to Control Golf Ball Trajectory?

VD November 11 2021

Golf is an elite sport that rich people love to play. Unlike pro athletes, businessmen and wealthy youngsters pursue golf for recreational purposes. It's a sport that doesn't demand speed, flexibility, or fitness. It only requires technique and experience. 

As you meet up with like-minded partners to lock business deals or have a good time with friends, golf is the answer. To step on the course with confidence, you must learn to control golf ball trajectory. 

Improve Your Trajectory With Great Golf Balls

With different weather conditions, playing shots can become a bit challenging. But, if you perfect the trajectory, you can play in any climate condition. 

With our guide, you'll learn how to hit higher and lower shots by applying a few tweaks to your swinging style. 

Let's get it started. 

Why controlling your golf ball trajectory is significant? 

Most players don't understand the significance of golf ball trajectories. If you hit the ball too high in windy weather, you would have a hard time putting the ball in the hole. 

The ball might sway from the greens, making scoring pretty tough for you. Hitting the ball too low could create other challenges. 

If you hit too low of a trajectory on a windy day, yes, it would be helpful. But, on a day with normal air, hitting low might make you miss greens long and have trouble managing the score. 

If you can control the trajectory of the ball, you can hit many fairways. Also, you can use a putter to make low-speed strokes that help the ball roll in the hole. 

When you would learn how to hit various types of shots, it'll give you an advantage over your opponents. Your game won't depend on the weather condition as you would be consistent in your play. Practicing the golf ball trajectory would lead you to have many shots in your arsenal. 

Hitting the Golf ball Lower

When it comes to hitting the ball using a lower stroke, golfers make a lot of mistakes. They often position the ball too far back in their stance. 

Now, with this position, golfers assume they would put the golf ball in the hole with success, but it isn't the case. 

The ball gets hit at a higher trajectory instead of a lower one. So, you miss your shot, unfortunately. The main reason why it happens is your swing getting steeped. You hit down on the ball, which makes it rise upwards, giving it a powerful backspin. A forceful spinning is exactly something you need to avoid. 

To hit the ball lower, you must swing with ease. Relaxing your mind and posture helps a lot in making a lower-speed stroke. Take a club and swing it with controlled force. This technique reduces the spinning power of the ball and allows you to make a lower shot. 

Complete setup for hitting the ball lower

  • Have a wide stance to have a stable base 
  • Choke up on the grip 
  • Place the ball one inch back from your normal position 
  • Drop the front shoulder down a little bit to adjust the posture 
  • Ensure that you swing low and smooth 
  • Your follow-through mustn't end with the club finishing any higher than your ribcage.

Following these steps should help you perfect your golf ball trajectory for lower shots. 

Quick steps to remember for hitting the ball lower

  • Put the ball a little bit back from the center point 
  • Keep your hands at a forward position at all times 
  • Shorten the backswing 
  • Shorten the follow-through (first think, then hit, and hold your posture 
  • Take a relaxed swing 
  • If hitting off a tee, then you must tee it lower 
  • Maintain quiet hands (no shaking of the wrists) to make a perfect shot 

Now that we know, how to hit a lower ball, let's take a look at the guide you need to follow for hitting the ball higher. 

Hitting the golf ball higher 

For hitting the golf ball at a higher trajectory, you need to do everything opposite to what you do to make low hits. For starters, swinging fast is the key. 

A fast and powerful swing would increase the speed of the ball and allow it to reach a higher trajectory. So, you need to swing down on the ball to enhance the speed, hitting the golf ball higher. 

Swinging steeper helps the ball reach a high point faster, so you would need one club less. Also, taking a divot is necessary for hitting the ball high. 

Complete setup for hitting the ball higher:  

  • Get a wide enough stance to have a stable base 
  • Put more weight on your left side i.e. if you are a right-handed player to hit down on the ball better
  • Do not choke up on the club even a little because you would need maximal length 
  • Adjust your ball at a forward position in your stance as it'll allow it to reach higher 
  • To make the shot work, you must put your weight forward; otherwise, you'll miss the shot 
  • Tilt the shaft angle backward to avoid forward pressing on the ball, since you usually do it with iron clubs. Also, the same happens with wedge clubs. 
  • Fix your shoulder tilt by dropping it back down a little 
  • Swing on a backswing angle 
  • On the follow-through, set the aim high for finishing to allow the ball to soar 

Quick steps to remember for hitting the ball higher: 

  • Position the ball a little bit ahead of the center 
  • Place your hands a bit back at the setup 
  • Elongate the follow-through ( think about finishing at a higher point) 
  • Use your full strength and power to swing to speed up the spinning of the ball 
  • If hitting off a tee, then you must tee it higher 
  • You must do wrist cocking to pick the club more to the upwards

Final Thoughts: 

Putting various golf tricks and techniques to use is remarkable. But, knowing how to control the golf ball trajectory helps you to be consistent in your game. If you are looking to practice one type of shot, then go for the high ball flight. 

Putting more effort into learning the higher trajectory allows you to hit a low point with ease. That is because somebody good at hitting lowballs might have a hard time following the high course. 

In the U.S., golf courses have hard surfaces and tough bunkers around the green. So, when you hit a higher shot, the ball gets a soft landing. It gives you ample chances for pars and birdies. 

Hopefully, this guide will help you to practice your golf ball trajectory with ease.