How to Regrip Golf Clubs

VD November 11 2021

Want to regrip golf clubs? Don't know how to? Here is what you can do to regrip your golf clubs without anyone's help.

Regripping your golf clubs is the best thing to learn if you are a dedicated golf player. Why? Because not only can you ensure the most suitable and plausible grip, but you can also save a lot of money. The effect of a perfect grip size on your game is considerable, and it can affect your scoring average up to a large extent.

Wrong grip sizes can be harmful to your game. Various studies have shown that it costs 2-5 strokes per round if the grip size is incorrect. This means that a too big or a too-small grip is a big NO-NO! 

Learning the subtle art of regripping your golf clubs will be a game-changer in your money-saving endeavors. 

The Subtle Art of Regripping

Before we start regripping our golf clubs, we must figure out why we need to learn this? Well, it's cost-effective. If you can pay $2-4 per club for something you can do yourself, then bang on.

But if you want to save some money for rainy days, you've got to learn it yourself. For that, you need to get hold of the equipment which is necessary for regripping your clubs. Get hold of the following supplies before you venture on to regrip your golf clubs:

  • Time - 60-120 minutes, as it does take at least this much time.
  • New Grips - For you don't want to regrip with the already worn-out ones. Always keep extra ones with you in case of emergencies, like you might have to cut one grip open because it didn't get on the shaft correctly. 

Clubs with grips not matching each other are the last thing to see on earth for a golfer. So, some extra grips won't mind. One of the previous posts might entreat you by giving you choices with the best grips in town.

  • Grip Tape - Choose one depending on the solvent: water-absorbent tape if you're using water; double-sided adhesive tape if you're using a paint-thinner, WD-40, or a traditional grip solvent.
  • Box Cutter/Hook Blade - Because you have to cut the old one out. A traditional box cutter would work for you, but we recommend a "golf club grip remover"! It's more desirable.
  • Golf Club Regripping Kit - Well, if you don't want to go to the supermarket to buy everything one by one, it's much easier to order this kit from Amazon. It includes everything you need EXCEPT Time and the grip remover, so make sure to buy one beforehand.

Once you're done with gathering all the equipment, it's time to save some money. I mean, it's time for regripping your clubs! 

Golfer’s Guide to Regrip Your Golf Clubs: 5 Steps

  • Step 1 - Set up your workstation

You want to do this in an open, airy space, so don't sit in a claustrophobic environment to regrip your clubs. Try to wear some rough old clothes because working with solvent might be messy. You can also go for an apron for an exquisite professional experience.

  • Step 2 - Remove your Old Grips

It's time for your box cutter/hook blade/grip remover to show what it is capable of. Give it a chance, and it will cut your old grips away [Safety tip: always cut away from you. The direction of cutting should NEVER be towards you]. 

It is advisable to cut all the grips before moving on to the next step, but that's your call.

  • Step 3 - Remove the Old Grip Tape

In this step, you have to do one thing - SCRAPE. Scrape off the old tape using the grip solvent, and try to be even more gentle if the club's shaft is made of graphite. DO NOT procrastinate as you don't want to add a new strip of tape over the old one because that would affect your grip and, eventually, your performance.

  • Step 4 - Add the New Grip Tape

After removing the old tape, it's time for a new one. Now, this is where things start to get technical. You want to add the right amount of tape that perfectly suits your hand and gives you a comfortable grip. You don't want tape on the end of your grip, so leave an inch to half-inch margin.

  • Step 5 - Add the New Grips

Finally, the moment is upon us! Well, this might be the most challenging part, so pull all your focus here and pay attention. You don't want to mess it up, so read this a few more times before you lay your hands over those excellent grips and clubs. 

Firstly, don't let it go crooked, or you might have to cut it off entirely and waste it. It is advisable to use a vise and grip adapter from the kit at an amateur level. Then start applying solvent and make sure to apply lots of it. 

Swish your finger around the hole at the bottom, and pour some more solvent over it afterward. Then, be quick to slide the grip down the shaft as fast as you can.

After you've done it, remove the extra liquid with a dry cloth, and let it dry before giving it a test shot. And now it's time to relax!

FAQs on Regripping

Got any more questions on regripping your clubs? Make sure to browse through these most FAQs about regripping by yourself.

Q. What kind of solvent is used in regripping golf clubs?

A. A lot of liquids are used as solvents, the most common of which are:

  • Water - use water-absorbent grip tape to lubricate the grip and the tape if you use water as solvent.
  • Paint thinner/Mineral Spirits - more cost-friendly than a traditional grip solvent, this type of solvent takes 2-3 hours to dry up. Also, it's inflammable, so be very careful while using it.
  • WD-40 - it’s an over-the-counter all-purpose lubricant that you can use along with double-sided tape. Like the former, it is also highly inflammable. So, be extra careful.

Q. How frequently should clubs be regripped?

A. No rules about that, as it depends upon the frequency of your use, your style of grip, and the conditions you play in. But 3-6 months for frequent players, 6-12 months for weekend players, and once every few years for occasional players. Along with that, be sure to use Lamkin grip cleaning wipes to clean your grips every time you play. That would increase the life of your grips.

Q. How much to pay for new grips?

A. Varied prices, but depending on the brand, grips can usually cost from $3-10 apiece, excluding other accessories if you're doing it yourself, and if not, then pay extra cash of $2-4 per club.

Q. Equipment required to regrip golf clubs?

A. You would need:

  • Old grip
  • Cutter
  • New grips
  • Grip solvent
  • Grip tape

Final Thoughts

It's all a matter of how much pain you can take for your benefit because saving $2-4 per club would sum up to a considerable amount. 

Make sure to have all the necessary stuff at hand before you start regripping, and remember, be safe while you deal with flammable materials.