Best Wedges for High Handicappers

Mike Regan May 05 2022

Golf is one of the best sports and a great way to spend time in the open air. It allows people to meet each other and create a business environment. Golf equipment can be confusing for golfers. Many underestimate the value of a good wedge. To have the best wedes for high handicappers is a must for professional golf players.

The wedge is a golf club capable of turning any high handicapper into a mid-one. Most high handicap players are entirely focused on their drivers to make sure they hit long and straight off the tee. By finding the right wedge, a golfer can gain confidence and control and lower the scores. These are in a wide variety, but the best wedges for high handicappers can make golf a lot less frustrating.


What is a Wedge?

Aloft is something that defines a wedge from an iron, whereas a nine iron has a 44° loft typically, whereas the wedge is the one above 45°. One can use a wedge on a fuller shot from around 140 yards, but it all depends on the speed of the swing.

Many experts think that a wedge should never be hit at full power. The main idea behind using a wedge is to have a controlled shot instead of going for a power shot. Its main job is getting you closer to the hole rather than long distances. When there is a high loft, it can produce high ball flight and more spin.

Types of Wedges

Pitching Wedge

This is one of the most common types of wedges and comes with a loft around 44° and 48°, which a player can get in a set of irons. The best thing about the pitching wedges is that it is excellent for the greenside chipping.

Gap Wedge

This kind of wedge is used to fill the gap between the PW and SW when closing the hole in the distance is required. Those who want the best wedges for high handicappers need to get a gap wedge separately, as most sets don’t come with one.

Lob Wedge

This wedge is an excellent choice for hitting over the bunkers and is at 60° to 64° loft. The lob wedge can add another dimension to a golfer’s game by allowing fuller swings instead of half swings inside 100 yards.

Sand Wedge

The sand wedge is significant for 100 yards and bunkers. With a thick underside, it can glide through sand and long grass while allowing the ball to be airborne off the short grass. Many high handicappers consider it to be the best wedge.

List of the Best Wedges for the High Handicappers

Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge

Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge

This wedge is undoubtedly the most forgiving one and has everything required for a sport among the best wedges for high handicappers. Looking at the low bounce angle, we can easily say that it will do great digging into the turf and ideally launch the ball.

Its loft angle can be great to accelerate the ball to rise above the ground, in the air, and then the hole. To have strength and stability, its shaft is made of steel to have power and stability, whereas the hollow cavity is superb for maximizing the perimeter weighting. As a player, you get versatility with its V-shaped sole while having room for difficult shots.

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge

This piece was specially designed by Roger Cleveland, the chief designer of Callaway, as the idea was to offer excellent performance that no other wedge can match. It comes with an S-design that is unique and has a medium-width sole and a ribbon.

This wedge has the signature JAWS design of Callaway and a groove-in-groove technology if you are looking for a high spin. To give a long-lasting and lustrous appearance, the wedge is finished in platinum chrome, whereas it also gives you a great bounce angle. The Golf Mack Daddy 5 is great for the short and the long putt and is superb for precise control.

LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge

LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge

It is available in a set of three wedges, but you can choose the one you want. Look for the one which is among the best wedges for high handicappers. LAZRUS Premium is forged with a face mill to ensure an accurate angle bounce and gives you a real shot.

Compared to the other high-quality wedges, this wedge will be pretty affordable. With a milled face, you can have the consistency, control, and spin that you would like to have. This wedge will never let you down whether you take a shot from a fairway or the rough.

Wilson Staff Men’s Harmonized Golf Wedge

WILSON Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge

Many golfers have been underrating Wilson in the past few years, but this brand has continued to re-invent new products. The Men’s Harmonized Golf Wedge comes with a special sole grind that lets you perform better in a high loft shot.

The leading edge is designed to launch the ball quickly without digging into the ground for an effective bounce. This makes the ball to be lifted as high as possible, while it will also spin till it drops to the other end. The selling point of this wedge is the anti-glare black finish that prevents any glare into the eyes, especially when you are playing on a sunny day.

Square Strike Wedge

Square Strike Wedge

The Square Strike Wedge is undoubtedly the best out of the lot about the short game. The wedge is specially designed to chip and pitch the ball, while the leading edge reduces digging and enhances the bounce. The club gets a square during impact through the anti-rotational feature to move the weight towards the toe.

You can be sure that this wedge will never let the club dig into the ground, and this can be noticed from the low loft angle that this wedge is made for the short ones. If you are a newcomer, this wedge will act as a confidence builder, but it is a perfect choice for you if you are a high handicapper.

Bottom Line

When you have the right tool, you get a chance to step up your game and shoot up the performance, and the wedge is undoubtedly one such tool. If you have been looking for the best wedges for high handicappers, you will find many in the market. The right one will be a breakthrough to perfect your short and long approaches, and it can indeed transform your game and lower your scores.

Mike Regan

Mike is a weekend golfer from Connecticut and a devoted fan of the game who turned his passion into the writing experience. Any day he keeps it under 80 is a cool day. When he's not writing about golf his is playing it.