Impact of a Square, Closed, and Open Stance in Golf

VD April 04 2022

The feet are kept in relation to the ball and the position of the feet. They are also placed in a suitable position to hit the target. The way we position our feet is known as stance. Three main stances are discussed below.

Square Stance

If you want to attain a Square Stance, your toe should opposite the target line. The best way to use heel line is to stand by widening feet. If you do this, it will alter your toe point, and your position will be much useful to create the desired effect. You will be in a better position to plat the shot.


A square stance is acquired for the better playing of the shot with your club. This stance makes the club work well and creates the desired result after playing the shot. A square stance makes the upper part of the club unchanged. It will make the ball move on a flight path that is according to the line for which the club has been made. When the square stance is parallel to the target line, it creates an inside-square-inside swing path, which makes the ball move straight.

Open Stance

An open stance is made when the toe line is not parallel to the target line. In short, the toe line of the open stance is pointed at the left of the target.

How to Position for this shot

To gain a proper position for an open stance, you need to acquire a square stance at first. By acquiring a neutral stance, you may then adjust yourself simply by lifting and dragging your left foot back. It is just to move and place your right foot on the ground slowly. The right foot becomes parallel to the left foot, and it will create the desired standing for the shot.


The first impact of an open stance is that if the clubface opens to the swing line, it will cause an increase in the loft. Finally, this will cause higher shots than the shots hit by any given club. If the clubface is square or perpendicular to the target, it will be wide to the respective swing path. In this way, an open stance will lead to an outside-in swing path. The ball will move with a left-to-right spin. It will most probably strike the target.

Closed Stance

A closed stance is made when the toe line crosses the front of the ball and is not parallel to the target line. In short, the toe line aims at the right of the target.

How to Position for this Stance

You need to take your feet to a closed stance first by taking a normal square stance. Then, lift your feet from the ground and drag them forward while moving your right foot. In the end, drag your right foot a bit and place it beside your left foot. Hence, you will acquire the correct position of your body and feet to play the shot.


Its best impact is that it reduces the clubhead to swing line and reduces the loft of the club. Finally, it will make the ball float lower than it was intended. The swing path created will enhance an inside-out-swing. It will be useful for a right to left side-spin that is linked with draws and hooks.