How to Stop Blocking shots in Golf

VD April 04 2022

When a right-hand golfer shoots the ball with a mighty force, the ball will follow a pushed trajectory. That’s why these shots are also referred to as made shots. 

Note: These instructions are relevant to right-hand golfers only.

The ball will start from the right of the target.

This is generally referred to as the con of a blocking shot. No matter what you do, the ball will eventually start from the right of the target. If we follow the original track of the image, there's no chance for the ball to reach the target.

But, to bend the path of the target, you need to apply the dynamics of the draw-spin. The type of spin you’ll probably go with depends upon the clubface and whether or not it is closed. If the clubface is not closed, you’ll get a blocking shot.

You won't be able to produce straight shots.

Now, this is something that you may find contradictory to the whole idea of a blocking shot. But in reality, a blocked shot is different from a straight shot. The golfer hopes that the ball will fly straight to the target in a straight shot. Concepts like draw and pull are applied here.

Comparatively, a blocked shot starts from the right of the target, so the only way the ball can get to the target is through a draw-spin. Remember, a fine draw like this is even challenging for the pro-level golfers.

Don’t align yourself to the right side of the target

This is like the fundamental and practical approach to prevent a blocked shot. During the block shot, the ball already starts its projection from the right of the target. The best way to lower this projection is to not give your ball the other right trajectory by aligning yourself to the right side of the ball.

The best to ensure that is to position your feet away from the right corner of the ball so they get a parallel orientation following the ball. It would help to ensure that your hips, shoulders, and arms were aligned straight.

Follow a square takeaway.

Following a square takeaway is the easiest way of preventing a blocking shot. The approach will help you to avoid the blocking path of the club. According to experts, the most probable reason for the blocked shots is the inside-out club path followed by a right-hand golfer.

Also, you need to set the perfect club path earlier in your swing. We are talking about the moment you initiate the swing. The most prominent feature of the ideal approach is that it will be contrary to the inside takeaway path.

Complete the shoulder and hip turns

In golf, two particular body parts are absorbers for the shocks and the shot's recoil. Yes, we are talking about the shoulders and the hips. Now, if, for any reason, your shoulders and hips get all lazy, the chances are that you will deal with blocked shots.

The best way to avoid such an outcome is to make sure that your hips and shoulders rotate along with the shot. This will also help you bring the club back inside once the attempt is made.