How to Correctly Position Your Body and Club at the Time of Impact?

VD April 04 2022

Golf is something else. Unlike the majority of the sports out there, there is some kind of certain elegance and class that’s associated with golf.

Naturally, you’re looking to improve your impact stance as a golfer. There are practically hundreds of methods through which you can attain this. Here are five tips to keep in mind to perfectly position your body and club.

The club must be behind your hands

Even the most experienced golfers don’t know this fact in particular. When the club and your hands are at the level of alignment, the thrust of your impact will be far lesser than what you could have got if the club was behind your hands.

The thrust hitting the ball during the impact will be full of lag in a straighter alignment. But once the hands are behind the club, the lag will be minimum, and you will get that beautiful impact on the ball that will cover some solid yards.

Bend the left knee

This is something that you must be doing when the impact is underway. Practically, you just can’t bend your left leg before the result as well. First, it will look super absurd. Second, you will lose your balance this way, and eventually, the impact will lose its effectiveness.

When the impact is underway, just bend the angle of your knee a bit. This will help the left knee absorb some amount of the flex, and the club's motion will not be affected. This will also help you prevent issues like knee-locking, etc.

Hands must be in line with the target

This idea may seem contradictory that you should keep the club behind your hands. But in reality, that’s not the case at all. We are talking about aligning your hands with the ball and not with the face of the club. The alignment should be straight as well.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that your hips should also align with the target. This will help slowly uncoil the hips, a great advantage for bracing your body posture for a solid impact. The hands must also make a square position when it comes to impact.

Never break the spine angle

There are two reasons why maintaining the spine angle is so important. First, the appropriate angle is necessary for you to keep the spine intact from any kind of damage or excessive strain. Golfers usually face problems related to the spine.

Second, maintaining an appropriate spine angle will allow you to exert maximum force on the ball at the time of the impact. That’s the only thing that will ensure the ball follows the right trajectory under the effect's influence. The golf club should also follow a vertical swing trajectory.

Keep the head down 

Bow, this is something you just haven’t heard quite often in your golfing career. But yes, you need to keep your head down throughout the impact process. When you keep your head down, your body automatically gets into a position where the body absorbs maximum impact.

Plus, it gives you a substantial advantage of ball focusing as well. You will be able to keep a solid eye on the ball and will be able to adjust the club impact face if you are not confident about it.