How to Hit a Fade in Golf?

VD April 04 2022

As a golfer, there are some pretty solid chances that you might be looking to get that beautiful fade-in golf shot. To be very honest, it’s not that hard to execute.

Most golfers believe that only the most experienced and high-level golfers can execute this shot. But, as a golfer who’s still improving their skills, you can learn the fade-in golf shot following two methods. The first one is by using a new golf ball, and the second one is the Golf Fade method itself.

Using a new ball

In golf, the laws associated with the motion of a ball are associated with the overall usage quality of the ball. In other words, the trajectory of a new ball will be different than a used ball. That’s why their fade in trajectory is mainly associated with the new ball.

Today, following the overall trajectory of the ball is not a difficult task anymore. Tools like the Trackman launch monitor and precisely placed high-speed cameras are perfectly able to give complete data regarding the ball's trajectory. 

The data obtained for the new ball is quite different from what is usually taught, even by the expert trainers. The new ball tends to show a different trajectory than what you planned for. Another primary reason the new ball is so perfect for practicing new shots.

Considering the overall flight trajectory of the newer ball, there’s only one way you can master the fade-in traits of a new ball. Yes, we are talking about consistency and charting down the trajectory data of the ball for every single shot.

Using the Golf Fade method

Now, let's take a look at the very primary method that golfers around the globe use for fading the golf ball in. But before diving deep into it, you need to understand what a fade-in shot is. The shot starts at the left lining of the target and gradually fades in with a right trajectory to hit the target.

Right-handed golfers follow this trajectory. For the left-handed golfers, the trajectory is the opposite. The fade is generated when you have an excellent understanding of the swing paths. The placement of the clubface is also essential as it will be responsible for developing the counter-clockwise spin on the ball.

You need to set up the clubface in a very particular arrangement to do so. Keep the ball and the target in a straight-line trajectory. The clubface must be slightly left to the ball to execute the shot flawlessly.

Once the club is placed perfectly, it’s time to position the rest of your body. Your shoulders, hips, and feet must be even more left than the clubface. This is important for the generation of that signature fad in the swing of the ball.

In the end, you also need to make sure that you are following the line of your feet while making the impact. This will swing the ball right in after the impact trajectory is made.

The better option?

Both methods are pretty effective when it comes to generating the fade-in swing. But comparatively, the golf fade method is way easier than using a new ball as it will save you a lot of time and effort.